7 Key Resolutions Every Marketer Should Live By in 2017 [Infographic] - Social Media Explorer
7 Key Resolutions Every Marketer Should Live By in 2017 [Infographic]
7 Key Resolutions Every Marketer Should Live By in 2017 [Infographic]

Although we’re well into 2017 it’s never too late to add a few last minute marketing resolutions to your list. We all know the challenges of marketing during this time of rapid change and advancement, so helpful infographics like these can help focus your efforts on what really matters. ¬†Honestly, we found this to be one of the most useful infographics we’ve come across so far this year. We fully stand behind each resolution and hope you’ll make it a core part of your profession this year.

7 Resolutions Every Marketer Should Make for 2017
by MDG Advertising

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Alex D'Amore
Alex D'Amore is a Senior Editor at Social Media Explorer as well as an Account Manager for Renegade . He travels full time and has lived on the road working remotely for over two years. You can check out his blog or Instagram to follow him on the road. Alex enjoys photography, social psychology, and riding his bike for way too long.
  • A useful infographic. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ali Anjum

    Excellent Ideas for Marketer Resolutions Alex. Interestingly enough, these resolutions are broad enough to cover just about every aspect in the business field. Goals like these are essential to focusing any plan you intend to implement. What I liked most about the resolutions is the facts you gave to support these pieces of information. We all know, most people are sometimes too lazy to carry through their resolutions. I was wondering what methods you would implement to, in essence, motivate people to stick to their plans. The facts you gave are one way to go about doing just that, so what other ways can we make marketers realize how important some of these resolutions are and why should they stick to them besides the obvious.

  • Andrea Cominelli

    Thanks Alex to your interesting article!


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