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Your Blog is a Waste of Time
Your Blog is a Waste of Time

If you’re not blogging the right way your site’s blog is a complete waste of time and effort. Are your 500+ word essays making a difference in your SEO? Instead of writing about topics you think are relevant, it’s important to see where and how your website ranks. It’s ok if you don’t have a huge budget to pay for a tool because we’ve found a free one- SEMRush.

The Metrics That Matter

SEMRush will tell you where your blog ranks compared to the rest of the world. The first set of metrics you’ll get when you plug in your URL to SEM: Organic searches, paid search, backlinks and display advertising.

Organic Search

In the Organic Search section, you will find widgets related to a domain’s organic traffic, keywords that a domain is ranking for in Google’s top 100 organic search results, keywords ranking distribution, and the domain’s organic competitors.

Paid Search

In the Paid Search section, you will find visual information related to the domain’s paid traffic and its cost, ad copies, keywords that the domain appears within Google’s paid search results, keywords ranking distribution, and the domain’s paid competitors.


The Backlinks section provides data-visualizations on the number of the domain’s backlinks, the ratio between follow and nofollow links and referring websites

Display Advertising

The Display Advertising section provides visual data on the domain’s presence on the Google’s Display Network including the number of ads and publishers, text and media ads samples, and promoted landing pages (SEMRush).

Finding The Hidden Traffic Drivers

Aside from all of these amazing features, SEMRush also tells you what sort of keywords are giving you the most traffic. You can use this for competitive research as well. Keywords that work for your competitors may also work for you. Below, are sample keywords that uses. If you are the owner of, something like this may be extremely useful.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 11.11.38 PM

Another useful tool SEMRush has is that it shows you data on backlinks. Basically, you can see what sites are giving you the most clicks. This is another feature that can be used for competitive analysis. If Forbes is giving your competitor a significant amount of clicks, then maybe ads with Forbes is something worth investing into.

Another tool SEM has is that it tells you how much traffic you’re getting from mobile. It will tell you the portion of your search results are mobile friendly or not. So if you have pages on your website or blog that aren’t mobile friendly, SEM will inform you.

Using Data To Spend Wisely

The last part of this tool that we find absolutely amazing is that it tells you your top paid ad keywords. This is used for Google Ad campaigns. If you’re running a Google Ads campaign, this could help you optimize your campaign. Rather, if “cats” is giving you the most clicks on your Google ad campaign, SEMRush will tell you. You can also do this for your competitors. You can plan your campaign according to what works for your competitors.

So is your blog a waste of time? If you aren’t tracking your clicks on this level, then yes. If you aren’t looking at your competitors and their traffic, then yes. Your blog is a waste of time if you aren’t tracking your site’s progress consistently. If you know of any more useful tools to rank blogs, comment below.

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