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The Top 25 Environmental Blogs
The Top 25 Environmental Blogs

As I’ve indicated before, content ranking and analytics service Postrank is a sponsor of Social Media Explorer. One of the benefits of that sponsorship is one post per month about them. But I’ve asked the folks at Postrank to give me a little lee-way with the post so that I can ensure that it adds value to you, rather than just serves as an advertisement for their services. It’s a bit of an experiment with online advertising — making it more engaging — and they were cool with the idea, so here’s a sponsored post I hope doesn’t seem quite as much of one.

Long before Postrank was a sponsor of SME, I asked them to do me a favor and help me rank the top education blogs. That post continues to be one of the most visited at Social Media Explorer because it serves a valuable purpose for people looking for blogs in that category. In order to both provide an additional service by ranking blogs in a category of interest and show off the evolving technology that runs Postrank, I asked the gang there to help me produce a ranking of the Top Environmental Blogs.

I pulled together an OPML file (which is a collection of RSS feeds) of each of the blogs listed in Postrank’s community curated lists of Environmental Blogs, Green Blogs and Sustainability Blogs and sent that master list to Postrank for analysis. I asked Jim Murphy, Postrank’s stat guru, to expand the filters from Postrank’s main tool, however, so we could give folks a nice resource to play with. Postrank’s consumer tool displays engagement scores based on the last week’s worth of information. I asked him to give us a bigger picture of these blogs and score the engagement over six months. The following are the Top 25 Environmental Blogs based on June through November 2009 engagement.

Rank Blog Title Blog | RSS Engagement Score
(6 Months)
per Post
1 AutoblogGreen Blog | RSS 769308 230
2 Blog | RSS 535644 329
3 The Oil Drum Blog | RSS 487313 932
4 Environmental Graffiti Blog | RSS 473751 872
5 Inhabitat Blog | RSS 431343 318
6 National Geographic News Blog | RSS 417998 514
7 TreeHugger Blog | RSS 334625 65
8 Plenty Magazine Blog | RSS 281292 96
9 Blog | RSS 225272 252
10 Gas 2.0 Blog | RSS 157234 274
11 Planet Green Blog | RSS 104951 70
12 Dot Earth Blog | RSS 91718 287
13 Earth2Tech Blog | RSS 82318 84
14 Ecofriend Blog | RSS 78371 80
15 Blog | RSS 77019 89
16 Green Car Congress Blog | RSS 73128 54
17 Environment Blog | RSS 66023 129
18 Environmental Leader Blog | RSS 54921 44
19 MoJo Blog Posts: blue marble Blog | RSS 54140 127
20 Greener Computing Blog | RSS 50087 194
21 Yale Environment 360 Blog | RSS 47871 176
22 Ways To Protect Our Environment Blog | RSS 45837 34
23 Green Living Ideas Blog | RSS 45813 281
24 EcoGeek Blog | RSS 39901 146
25 Ecosalon Blog | RSS 38165 87

Before you get up in arms that your favorite environmental blog may not be here, keep in mind this list was procured from Postrank’s publicly curated lists. It may not be all-inclusive. Jim also ran some extended numbers on the top five on this list. I found this chart interesting. It shows how AutoblogGreen shot up in engagement with an active fall. Comparisons like these are useful for public relations and marketing professionals performing blogger outreach because it shows who’s hot now and who’s consistently engaging over time. This is why Postrank is a valuable service.

A six-month comparison of the top five Environmental Blogs based on engagement from Postrank. (Click for larger view)
A six-month comparison of the top five Environmental Blogs based on engagement from Postrank. (Click for larger view)

Murphy did say that the information he provided me was really a look at what the technology can do, not what Postrank provides … yet. While new features are continually being worked on, the consumer tool for Postrank does give you a more real-time analysis rather than historical per view as we have here. Postrank’s Analytics tool for your blog (technically the service that sponsors SME) does a really nice job of giving you deep analysis of both what your blog does over time and how each post on your blog performs along various engagement parameters.

The reason I accepted Postrank’s Analytics tool as the first true sponsor of Social Media Explorer is because they are a service I think the majority of my readers would find useful. If you are a blogger outreach person (PR, marketing, social media), Postrank helps you determine which blogs matter most and right now. If you are a blogger, Postrank helps you analyze what pushes your audience’s buttons to help you get better. It can also help you quantify your blog’s success to monetize it more effectively.

And I also knew they’d be hip and help us produce some lists that folks would find useful. Enjoy the list of Top 25 Environmental Blogs. And if you work with green bloggers or are one, let us know how we did in the comments.

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  • oh nice! I seem to be quite alone with y Ocean Blog called here in Germany. Wish there was more of me. If you like- chek it out please!

  • Creeklife

    Wow, I can’t believe this was written in 2009! Good article and I bet these numbers are alot higher now (engagment)

    Now Creeklife’s environmental blogs & articles! Lots of great educational articles that are fast reads – perfect for high school students or average folks that want to learn more about their outdoors and environment

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  • This is a good list of environmental blogs. I only know the green living ideas website. Perhaps I should check out the other sites to know more information. I will check out postrank too so that I will know if it could help me with my blog. Thanks for the insights and I hope that the environmental blogs will be successful in increasing the eco-friendly habits and awareness of going green.

  • Thank you for all of the great information. Eco Preservation Society has a lot of great information on the subject.


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  • Planet green is the only blog that I know in the list. We its a good feeling that I at least know one blog that is considered for top 15 Environmental blog. I am a regular reader at discovery.

    • Thanks for dropping the comment Rennell. Glad the list might give you
      some new places to see.

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  • Nice list, Jason, and a great resource for PR folks looking to pitch green stories.

    • Thanks Daniel. That was the point. Hopefully the post gets around to the right folks.

  • Before you get up in arms that your favorite environmental blog may not be here, keep in mind this list was procured from Postrank’s publicly curated lists. It may not be all-inclusive.

    We should also add that if anyone's favourite site isn't in the list, anyone can add new sites to our system. Just head on over to and type or paste the URL into the search field. If the site's in our system, the analysis of it will come up, and if it's not, it'll be added within a minute or two.

    Folks who have accounts in our system (or who sign up), can also assign those sites to particular categories, like Environmental, Green, and Sustainability, which Jason mentioned above, which enables some similar comparisons to what Jason's shown above, but is available for any group of sites in any of the topics any time.


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