The Trump White House Has a Serious Facebook Problem. Thanks, Obama!
The Trump White House Has a Serious Facebook Problem. Thanks, Obama!
The Trump White House Has a Serious Facebook Problem. Thanks, Obama!

In the peaceful transition of power between American political parties, the survival of sacred institutions is at stake. Topping that list of institutions, of course, is the White House Facebook Page.

Just kidding. But Facebook is proving to be a nuisance for the new administration—one that it probably didn’t foresee. The Trump team has been posting to the official White House page regularly since January 20th, and let’s just say that there’s a lot of, ah, empty space in what should be a #MAGA-filled audience.

To illustrate, here’s a recent post linking to a YouTube video of the “history-making” inauguration.

Users immediately filled the conversation with negative comments, the top among them getting hundreds and even thousands of likes. This behavior alone isn’t weird. It’s 2017, after all. But where are all the Trump enthusiasts?

Simple: they don’t follow the page (yet). While the previous administration’s content was wiped from the page, its followers remain; followers that were earned over eight years. This means that The White House’s audience looks more like that of “Obama For America!” than Donald J. Trump for President. When you consider that over 8 million Facebook users interested in President Obama’s administration now find themselves following a Trump White House page, the intense backlash makes sense.

Will the page’s audience shift over time? We can only assume. Until then, President Trump’s team has a hornet’s nest to contend with every time it posts to Facebook.

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  • Chad Russell

    As long as Trump keeps doing what he said he’d do, he’s good in my book.

  • Don T.

    It’s only a “serious problem” if you are of the age that cares how many likes, views, or negative comments you get. Basically pre-teens, teens, and millennials. That group may not be the only one’s commenting, but they certainly care how many views and likes they get on their social media posts. The Donald doesn’t care. The WH doesn’t care. The Donald knows where he stands based on the fact that he is the POTUS…that’s all that matters. DJT was voted in. The ULTIMATE social vote and he won. Conservatives won. America won. Dem’s just can’t accept it. Now they’re all crying, whining, defying law and order, breaking laws, and doing all they can to slander and discredit DJT, and anyone that voted for DJT. All this energy crying and rioting should be used to figure out how to win the next election. Right now, all folks are doing is destroying their own party, showing their TRUE hearts for “Americans” (which is really just a heart for Americans that think like them), and solidifying DJT with 8 years as POTUS. It’s hilarious…and HUUUUGE.

  • great post, thank you to this article


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