An Open Letter to Facebook, A Dying Platform: Just Give Up
An Open Letter to Facebook, a Dying Platform: Just Give Up
An Open Letter to Facebook, a Dying Platform: Just Give Up

Dear Facebook;

Just stop. Please stop. Yes, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. I get that. However, this time you’ve gone too far.

It all started when you introduced hashtags and trends, which used to be features of Twitter alone. I understand. You needed to stay relevant. Social media was evolving without you. Granted, you were the first platform to offer live streaming. Kudos to you for that achievement. But now? You’ve reached the point of no return.

Facebook Stories? Where have I heard that one before?

Falling Behind

You see, Facebook, you exist in a fast-paced world. People move fast. Food is served fast. Content needs to be delivered fast, too.

Twitter delivers news fast. Tweets are easy to read, and links are easily accessible.

Instagram delivers visual content fast. Snapchat delivers visual content fast as well, although sometimes too fast. Snapchat is even in the news game now with their Discover feature. Even though it’s not always the hard-hitting news you read in the newspaper, it is relevant and engaging news.

I’m sorry to say this, Facebook, but you are not fast. In your heyday, you were a great vessel for sharing pictures and memories of family and friends — with family and friends. There was an abundance of links to news articles. We would all share our latest life updates- what of what we were doing, where we we, and who we’re with.

However, more users are gravitating towards Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram where content is easy, fun, and visually appealing.

Not only that, but the younger demographic doesn’t even give you a second thought. Only 8% of Facebook users are between the ages of 13-19. It doesn’t stop there, though. The graph below shows a decline in Facebook usage as members get older.

Graph Credit: We Are Social; Facebook

This trend is likely to continue. As 20-29 year olds enter the next age group, their Facebook usage will taper off. In fact, it’s happening already. As of February 2016, Facebook was not the most popular platform among 12-24 year olds.

Graph Credit: Edison Research; Triton Digital; MarketingCharts

Changing of the Tides

Now, Facebook, you’ve become overstuffed with bad memes and political rants. Memory-sharing is now Instagram’s responsibility. Personal updates fall under the domain of Twitter and Snapchat.

It’s clear that this is a last-ditch effort for you to prevent your decline somewhere down the road. But it isn’t going to work. People aren’t as likely to check Facebook on their phones as they are the other platforms. I, for one, rarely open the Facebook app on my phone.

And isn’t that the point of Stories? To open Snapchat or Instagram and see what your friends are up to? Facebook, your strength is your website. And nobody wants to watch mobile videos on a desktop client.

It’s also all-too-obvious that Facebook Stories is a blatant ripoff of Snapchat and Instagram Stories. If I want to see what my friends are doing, I’m going to a platform dedicated to photo and video sharing.

Maybe you’ll surprise us all and this will be a rebirth of sorts. Maybe you’ll bring back old friends and gain new ones in the process. But I’m not convinced. I’m moving on. So should you.

Hey, it was fun while it lasted but it’s time to let go. Remember the past, enjoy the present, and accept the future.

At least you’re not Google Plus.

Best regards,


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Russell Davey
Russell is a graduate of Marist College, with degrees in sports communication and public relations. Among his many passions are writing, sports marketing, social media, and lip syncing. When he's not doing client research he's hiking, working out, quoting TV shows, or putting peanut butter on any food he can. His self-esteem revolves entirely around his social media reputation, so follow him on Instagram (russell_the_muscle) and on Twitter (@bRussellSproutt). Please.
  • Rook King

    Facebook is run by left wing wack jobs who love to censor opposing
    views. Sheryl Sandberg is second in command at Facebook, and she was
    behind the Ban Bossy Campaign, which was a push to ban the word “bossy”
    because it supposedly discourages girls from being “leaders.” That is
    what you are dealing with when you use Facebook.

  • Fazal

    Facebook is a ghost town with 80% of fake profiles/impersonations & the remaining 5-10% out of 20 serving as shills/trolls.

    Genuine users do exist, but i reckon they don’t exceed like a million or so users keeping in mind all the people who stopped using FB over time.

  • JohnnaCal

    I have been on Facebook for ten years and never banned. Today I wrote “Tide Pod” in a comment and I am banned for three days.

    Seriously? Facebook is losing users and content is collapsing because they ban for the dumbest reasons. Why would I post anything personal if the mere words “Tide Pod” get me banned.

    I decided today I am finished with Facebook. Three days from now I will be on to something new and better for my life and I can say “Tide Pod” as much as I like.

    • Leslee Liu

      they also banned me for no reason. I could have created another account but I felt so lazy to do it and also saw no reason to. Facebook is in fast decline. However they own instagram so the suckerberg will continue sucking cash. All social media should die

      • JohnnaCal

        Yeah…I can’t be asked to return even after the ban expires.

  • Greg

    I’m seeing the same red flags I once saw in the Myspace days. Facebook is becoming a Ghost town. I have over 700 facebook friends, and yet I typically get 0 interactions on my posts. …0, really? Even when I deliberately posting click-bait, or fish for arguments by posting controversial topics, I still can’t get more than three people to communicate with me. Even my real-life friends never message back, or like my statues. In addition to no social interactions with people on the ‘social-network’, my home/news feed is just filled with pasted viral videos and memes. The few people who get on facebook act like they have forgotten they can type their own words: there’s almost no original thoughts being posted (just re-hashing of other people’s funny or bizarre content).

  • Crispin Holloway

    I tried to stop FB notifications March 2017, it was not easy to do. I was getting so many notifications.
    I then removed the FB app from my phone and MY GOD!!! The battery on my phone lasted much longer!!
    Since I only check FB on PC about once a week (or less) as opposed to several times a day.
    I prefer to be FB free.
    Havent deleted my account, I probably wont but, I havent added anything to FB since last summer and I am happy with that for now.
    Twitter is so much better and more intelligent.

    • JohnnaCal

      Facebook was just an easy way to access my photos over a decade in one place through time.

      I stopped posting content over a year ago. It was not a deliberate choice but I found myself wary of the invasion of privacy.

      Thankfully last month I saved my photos to my hard drive.

      What is the point of social media if you cannot speak freely within reason?

  • Negative287

    It’s obvious most people have abandoned Facebook as their daily obsession. More and more, I’m Seeing fewer and fewer posts and I’m often hearing people say they missed a message from me, because they’re never on Facebook or messenger anymore.

  • Lindsay He

    I use Facebook more as reddit lol just comment in groups. It is still useful for gaming groups, hobbies etc they should have started next door to be honest what a missed opportunity

  • William MATAR

    Maybe you are laughing on Google Plus.. I use and I love a lot

  • Afzal Ali

    You do know that Facebook OWNS Instagram…right? Anyways, great post.

    • Negative287

      Instagram isn’t used the same way as Facebook is though, so that’s not subject to the same trends.

    • Colin Matthes

      I was going to make the same comment. Facebook the company will be around a long time. I disagree with this article. I am glad Facebook is trying to declutter the page now though.

  • Louis Byron

    (((Facebook))) was always a tentative, blowhardy success at best. How has anything that the liberal Jew has done affected society or our country in a beneficial way?

    • disqus_myyjRYuv7M

      You know those left wing liberal Jews are the ones who voted for aid funds during hurricane Sandy, I believe that’s beneficial. In fact all but one right wing republican opposed the aid package for hurricane Sandy victims. Now that hurricane Harvey has hit on their own land, they’re changing their tune, naturally. I see you trashing one side but not saying anything glorifying about the other, so please sit back down. I took a look at your profile to see what your style is. All I can say about that is that familiarity breeds contempt.


    Facebook is too left wing. Conservatives get censored and blocked constantly while the left post whatever vile, anti-American rubbish their fascist brains can dream up and FB looks the other way. It’s a double standard and I’m tired of it. To be honest…FB has sunk beneath my contempt. I deactivated my account for a few months about a year ago and I think I’m gonna just delete it completely before the month is over. They think I need them…they are wrong.

    • Sebastian Hahn

      I’m personally fairly liberal and don’t care much for what passes for conservative agendas and talking points these days. That being said, I avoid facebook due to the toxicity, idiocy, and lack of privacy. If you are looking for a social media website where conservative… ahem, ideals are supported, might I suggest Voat (the right wing alternative to Reddit)?

      • Cass

        No one should be censored and conservatives shouldn’t have to go anywhere else Sebastian. What a ridiculous comment.

        • Sebastian Hahn

          Interesting spin you’ve put on my statement there, buddy. I never said anything about censorship. Voat seemed to be the upcoming right wing and alt-right hangout at the time (maybe it still is, idk), so I recommended it as an alternative to facebook, which as we’ve established, sucks. The person that I replied to is free to try other alternatives such as reddit, but if facebook is too left wing for them, then I’m sure reddit is too, excluding T_D, which may not even be active anymore.

    • technoreaper

      I keep getting banned. It’s ridiculous. All I do is share my work experiences. Zuckerberg is just destroying his business and does not care. He’s absolutely a smug, pompous know-it-all twit from San Francisco. Part of the reason it actually has been a success for so long is from women posting selfies and pictures that guys come on to ogle. If it weren’t for that, it would be finished.

  • ๒レㄩ∑ῳ◊и∂∑Я

    my account has been deactivated since the end of march.

  • jmitterii2 .

    I removed all of my personal identifiable information like my date of birth and all my current and former employers and colleges. I log on about once or twice a month at the most. My other friends, I text or call when I want to do something. Only when I’m traveling do I bother trying to send a message to friends out of town that I would like to visit and plan something. And most of the time, they don’t respond to facebook messages anymore either. Useless. I still have to find their number somewhere or by someone else.
    Use to be at least useful in keeping in touch with friends or family you hardly ever see.
    Not so much. Especially when so many are dumping their profile or dumping their friends list to ensure their private and avoid identity theft.

  • Rook King

    I am 45, and I have seen many of my friends either abandon their Facebook profiles or delete them. Facebook has become pretty much just a bizarre mix of angry political aggressiveness and pictures of kids. Most of the people I know who still have Facebook profiles they ever pay attention to any more think the website has become a lame and negative place that is on its last leg. That is happening on top of the fact that the people who run Facebook made it extremely clear over the last few years that the users are just pawns who are there only to make the executives money and who are not worthy of respect. Very few large businesses make it obvious that they put business before respecting customers, but Facebook has had no qualms about making their selfish priorities crystal clear. The post and page deletion rampages, that went on without even the slightest indications of reasons for the unfortunate bannings of pages that people had put years of time and effort into building, showed major disrespect and created mass resentment that spread by way of communication through the grapevine. Blatantly forcing changes that people did not want, like the switch to the timeline format and the suddenly imposed requirement of the Messenger app for sending private messages by phone when it was not required for years before then, put an enormous dent in society’s respect for the website. Other acts of outrageous disrespect for users happened also. Too many things have gone horribly wrong, and Facebook is on the way down. It might live on at a higher level than MySpace, but it will not be much higher.

    • technoreaper

      The bannings are killing the site. It’s unreal. Zuckerberg is a nut.

    • Tayto

      twitter is almost unusable for all the trolls and russian bots. instagram is pretty photos but ultimately pretty boring.

      • Negative287

        Bahahahaha… Russian bots, any evidence to back that up, or are you just calling people that because you have no other means of refuting their posts?

  • Christina Albertini

    I love Facebook probably more than others- and I feel as if it’s like the OG of social media. I don’t necessarily agree that it’s fading away but I do agree that it currently way too bogged down with memes and political rants. However, Twitter and Snapchat do nothing close to the realm of “personal updates” as Facebook still does. Twitter and Snapchat are just split seconds that it can’t articulate what one could on Facebook.

  • “More users are gravitating toward Twitter, snapchat”…

    More recent data would disagree with you. There have been some changes in the six months since the article you cited was posted.

    Overall doesn’t seem like a well-researched post. Surprising on a site like Social Media Explorer which usually has great information.

  • As one of the most cash rich platforms on the horizon, it would make no sense to quit.

    Would you quit if you had on hand a half a billion dollars in reserves in 2015? I agree that trends will continue to cause FB to adapt.

    BTW Were you aware that FB owns Instagram? And is continually acquiring new platforms that are contributing Zuckerberg’s stated mission, “to connect the world”?

    I know that many people do not like FB. But even more people do not like or use the Internet. It is still a relatively new communications platform.

  • Wow.

    You seriously think Twitter is going to be around much longer. Talk about a platform on its last legs.

    Facebook isn’t the same platform it was six years ago when you were in high school, you’re right.

    And yes the company does copy ideas from other sites and platforms. What in social media ever is truly original?

    There’s a reason Facebook is getting involved so heavily in augmented and virtual reality. They know their original networking product isn’t going to be able to keep its momentum forever. Ad saturation has already started.

    But Twitter? Seriously. They’ll be lucky to be around another year without a buyout.

  • yeah !


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