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Twitter to Release ‘Muted Words’ Feature
Twitter to Release ‘Muted Words’ Feature

Twitter seems to have learned quite a few lessons from its failed sale. It looks like the very features of the app that made potential acquirers run the other way are the same ones that Twitter is now attempting to fix. Last week, Twitter cut jobs and its video-sharing app Vine, perhaps in response to concerns over the company’s ridiculous operation costs. This week, Twitter hinted at plans to address the rampant abuse on the platform that scared buyers away with its “Muted Words” feature.

“Muted Words” is essentially a customizable keyword filter allows users to create a list of “muted words” that they would like to ban from their timelines. That means users can avoid the usual barrage of offensive comments (or spoilers!) on Twitter by activating the feature in the Notifications menu and then adding the appropriate words or phrases they’d like to exclude into their tweet filter. “Muted Words” was prematurely released on Sunday to iOS users, but it has since been disabled. However, insiders have confirmed that the feature will definitely be released officially in the near future.

The feature is very similar to one that was released by Instagram this past September — which isn’t surprising, considering the social media copycat frenzy we’re in the midst of. While the ability to moderate which tweets you see won’t solve internet hate, it should definitely improve user experience, which is exactly what Twitter needs right now.

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  • Nice article with amazing concept. Thank you for sharing.

  • Melissa C

    I find the whole concept of the Muted Words feature to be really awesome for the user but potentially very unfortunate for many brands that use Twitter to engage with consumers. By giving users the ability to block any keywords that they don’t want to see, many companies could potentially be getting shut down before they can even try to connect. I’m not entirely sure how the feature works, but for instance could a user simply choose to block the word ‘promoted’ and thus not be able to be reached by any paid media on Twitter? Hopefully, since Twitter has temporarily disabled this feature, it means they are working hard to bring it to the best version it can be before they launch it. As consumers, we’d all love for there to be a little less advertising on our newsfeeds, but as marketers, we really want to see our ideas and work successfully executed.


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