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Apps That’ll Make You A Content Curator Extraordinaire
Apps That’ll Make You A Content Curator Extraordinaire

For a busy guy like me, it’s difficult sometimes to keep up with all of the latest best practices and technology tools that seem to crop up continuously in the field of digital marketing.  One of those areas that I’ve apparently fallen behind on is content curation and marketing.  Not good!  Because  this is an area that has become, as Stephanie Graves notes, “the go-to audience building strategy for top brands and organizations seeking to connect with their target audiences in a meaningful, non-sales-y way.”

I am one of those people who was merrily going along using the combination of Google Alerts, RSS Feeds, Google Reader and BufferApp as my preferred set of tools for finding interesting third-party content on particular subjects of interest and sharing them on my own Facebook Pages or others that I help to manage.

When Google announced that they were discontinuing Google Reader and made Google Alerts disappear I was perturbed to say the least.

My initial knee-jerk reaction was to try to find a set of tools that were as similar to the ones I was using as possible.  It wasn’t really all that hard.  With a little research I was able to come up with Talkwalker Alerts as an alternative to Google Alerts and Feedly as my Google Reader replacement.  I was a happy camper and back in my comfort zone.

But, you know what?  When it comes to digital marketing best practices and the technologies to support them, a comfort zone is not always the best place to be.  You miss a lot, you fall behind, you slowly lose your edge.

Don’t get me wrong… I still love the value I get from finding new great content sources with “alerts” and then using RSS Feeds to deliver all the new content from my favorite sources to one easy to use platform.

But, I have to admit that in my journey to find replacements for my Google technology tools, I quickly began to see just how far behind the content curation technology curve I had become.

I’ve been experimenting with who proudly claims that they are the “world’s most advanced personalized content discovery application.”   After all, It’s built with Artificial Intelligence technology that was originally developed for DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

I also came across XYDO.  A content curation platform that “helps you find trending videos, articles, blog posts and photos relevant to your business and facilitates sharing it with your audience.”  Geez, Jason Falls was even on the company’s home page.  How could I have not known about it.

There are other interesting looking content curation solutions like Pearltrees, Curata and Content Gems which I haven’t had a chance to play with yet.

There’s and for finding and publishing content on cool looking online magazines and then sharing these on your other social media properties.

But the application that intrigued me right away was Storify and specifically the new “Storify for Business” which was in the news last week.  Storify is a tool to either alone, or collaboratively, construct details about a conference, event or topic from sources and content (articles, video, pictures, text snip-its social media posts) from all over the web and then then organize and comment on them so that they tell a story.  The business version allows people and companies to create private stories and to customize them to match your blog style.  Storify is also being used to create reports that show actual examples of the current online sentiment towards a company or brand.

Here’s an example of a Story I constructed in Storify about a unique content application I’ve run across and its Founder and CEO Amaryllis Fox.

So, what are your favorite content curation tools and why do you like them?  Please comment below.

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Jim Berkowitz
Jim is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) industry analyst and technology consultant who assists organizations in planing for, selecting and succeeding with technology designed to get, keep and grow customers. As an Industry Analyst and CRM Technology Coach with CRM Mastery, Inc., (a company he founded in 2004) Jim provides technology selection services to enterprises across the country seeking to invest in CRM technology solutions. In addition, as a Digital Marketer, Jim provides web site design and development as well as internet and social media marketing services to small businesses and celebrities in Telluride, Colorado and beyond.
  • I love bufferapp !!

  • Very helpful article jim… thanks for sharing this :)

  • This is awesome list Jim, these tool have great power for content curation and I am sure it is helpful for many folks who need apps like this.

  • Aishwarya Upadhyay

    Great list, Jim! I recognize most of these tools and they are indeed proficient for content curation. But you seem to have missed out on a pretty famous tool that I’ve been using for past couple of months and recommending everyone I can – SalesPanda (available at – It not only excels at content automation but it’s a full package for those looking for a marketing automation tool, but unlike regular marketing automation software, it has a free version, and much more importantly, is centered around content marketing and pushing out marketing collateral. It also provides additional tools such as an well built CMS and inbuilt analytics. I’d definitely check it out if you’d rather have a handy all-in-one suite over managing and installing several small extensions!

  • Jerry Tian

    Great list, Jim!
    Just want to add my startup ContentDJ ( to the list. We were one of the Best Content Management Tools for Enterprises (
    ContentDJ helps our users make data-driven decision on what content to share. We score each piece of content with our proprietary algorithm. The score takes into account how many times the content has been shared across social media channels, who has shared, and how fresh the content is. The end result is that our users curate high quality content that engage more on social media compared to existing solutions.
    We also feature a social media editorial calendar to help with scheduling and publishing. The calendar gives you 10,000 feet view of your social media content across different channels.
    If anyone has questions or would like to follow up, our Twitter handle is @contentdjapp.

  • netgo

    Thank you Jim for this review. I used to create content for my campaigns with. and the result was amazing.

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  • Rachel Cohen

    Hi, we have just released ClipUp on the app store. ClipUp is an iOS universal app which offers everything one would need to quickly and easily plan, remember, categorize, share and report various information. We wanted to create a nicely designed, full-featured app that can help people improve their productivity and keep better track of their projects.

  • Alex Bisset

    This is a really interesting and helpful article. My favorite content marking tool is Opentopic. Opentopic is very useful for those who do not have time to give their content the time and attention it takes to have successful and compelling campaigns. Opentopic’s content marketing platform makes it easy to find meaningful content to engage your audience and publish it directly to blogs, social media feeds, or newsletters. Then once the content is live, Opentopic’s content analytics capabilities will help you evaluate and monitor engagement and performance to make content marketing work for you.

  • Mynd

    Nice list of content curation tools. FeedCurator also a great tool for content curation as a content aggregator, a content curator and a rss generator it delivers a content as the primary goal which gives awesome content .. thanks for nice article .

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  • mtnhigh

    I’ve been using for about a year and I’m loving it from both the curation and browsing side of things.

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  • jessicamalnik

    As someone who has been actively curating content on Storify for over a year, I have to stay it’s one of the most underrated tools in a content marketer’s arsenal. Storify for business may be a gamechanger.

    • I agree jessica.. It’s quite different from many of the other content curation tools… and quite effective.

  • Jim thank you for the list of tools, there are quite a few I was not aware of. I do like Storify a lot myself, my friend @Debce uses it to show the conversations that were generated from her Podcasts. At Engage121 we have developed our own content curation software that generates 5 hot content articles each day for our users. Content is King, why not make it easy! : ) -@jennimacdonald

    • It’s good to be king! And you’re right. For the time-being, content is king.

  • Hi Jim,

    cool article!
    The last days we got a lot of traffic from for
    Keeeb is a content/multimedia curation tool with the best clipping technology (we think ;-))

    Would be great to have your feedback.

    COO @keeeb

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  • AnnMullen

    I am surprised that none of you mentioned CurationSoft. It’s simple to use and gives me a head start on my research procedure.

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  • Jim, thanks for the mention. If you’re interested in seeing Curata firsthand, please send me a tweet at @TweetsFromPawan.

  • Well, I started trying with, but I have come to prefer pearltrees as it has a very nice design, not to mention that it makes it easier for users to organize their bookmarks than does it, and as I am familiar with mindmaps and prefer them , for me , it does work all of the magic, besides , you are also able to add to your pearltrees information from other pearlers; In addition to that, lets you install something call the pearler which makes it easier to curate websites while surfing the net than does it

  • I think is being underplayed in this article. I agree storify is good but does so much more. it really empowers my clients to curate good content to share via social. I need to try there pro functions of embedding it on other websites to get some Seo benefits and also try the email plug ins. Am very impressed and think it has a lot of benefits.

    • Thanks for the feedback Daniel — I too will look more closely at — There are certainly lots of choices in this space…

  • is another excellent curation tool for gathering, organizing, and sharing content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+, Reddit, and even via private email – and it’s FREE. The difference between those you mention and Surfdash is the ability to collect content (including video) from anywhere on the web – PRIVATELY – that can be organized, shared, and even cited with simple user action. Content can be manipulated individually or entire boards can be published, with notes! (disclaimer: I am the creator of :)

    • honesty is always appreciated, hopefully its good.

  • Lingospot also offers great content curation/marketing software to help you share the most relevant and helpful content with your target audience. You can share posts, create tweets, or create blog posts from scratch introducing top industry-related content–all accessed from the Lingospot console and integrated with your WordPress blog. :)

  • Dara Khajavi

    I was also disappointed when Google announced that Google reader would be discontinued. Thanks for enlightening me about these other great apps.

  • I use a combination of these tools in my content curation discovery process. Then I read & score the stories across a number of metrics (social shares, media outlet credibility, author, etc) and the top 5-6 stories are chosen. Then I editorialize each of the top stories – this process extracts the main value props for my target audience and is copy-written with a targeted hook to enhance click-throughs. Finally, I publish each editorialized story on the prioritized social networks (each editorial is unique for each social network).

    So basically my process is Discovery -> Curation -> Editorialize -> Publish you can see a nice infographic of this process at

    Social networks are the best channels for publication because this is where the ‘news stream’ exists and where your target audience will most likely pick it up. I call this the Social News Curation Strategy. It is proven to grow targeted audiences on social networks, increase engagement & syndication (like Retweets).

    • You have an excellent, well thought out and disciplined approach — Thanks so much for sharing

  • What tool you use depends on your goals and audience. We focus on B2B lead generation and branding, therefore it needs high customization and integration capabilities. That is why we built the B2B Content Engine ( It scales for business needs and has many pro-level features to make content marketers much more productive. Our background started as a semantic search tool (which we sold to the NSA and CIA), however to be able to add your own content and branding pros like to be in the loop — they need to be.

    • Thanks for the info. appreciate your taking part in the conversation.


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