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Here’s How You Can Post To Instagram From Your Computer
Here’s How You Can Post To Instagram From Your Computer

Instagram has been quick to adopt features they “borrowed” from other social networks. However, the platform has been rather slow to develop in other basic areas. One of its most notable shortcomings is its abysmal desktop interface. In fact, Instagram didn’t have a usable web version until 2 years after its launch, leading many third-party sites to fill in the gaps in the interim.

Today, the Instagram website still doesn’t live up to the Instagram mobile app, particularly because you can’t actually post images from the desktop version. To say that this is an inconvenience for social media addicts around the world would be an understatement. Thankfully, third-party apps have saved us all again. After testing what’s out there, the Social Media Explorer team has deemed Gramblr your best bet.

Getting Started

First, click here to open the Gramblr site and follow the given instructions to install the application. Once you’ve installed Gramblr onto your computer, a webpage will pop up to help you set up a Gramblr account. Keep in mind that you also have to provide your Instagram account’s login and password in order to link it to Gramblr. Once you’ve created your account, you should now see your personal Gramblr account homepage.

To start posting, click “Upload Now!” on the right hand sidebar. Drag your image or video into the designated box on the page, or click the box to upload the image from your computer.

Time To Get Creative

Next, you’ll be directed to a cropping tool. You can skip this step if you’re working with an image. However if you’ve selected a video, the application doesn’t let you proceed unless you’ve cropped the frame (even if you’re just selecting the original size).

You’ll then be directed to Gramblr’s photo editor, which allows you to add filters similar to those on Instagram. However, there’s a lot more room to get creative on Gramblr. You can also add frames, text, stickers, etc. to your image. There’s also a mysterious “Motion” button, but as far as we can tell, it doesn’t work (or we don’t know how to work it).

The final step is to add your post’s caption. Be aware that there are no drop down boxes to help you add hashtags and account mentions. So you’ll have to search for those on either the Instagram app or website.

Scheduling Your Post

You can choose to have your post be published immediately or at another point in the future. Do keep in mind that for scheduled posts, you must keep your computer ON for uploads to take place. While that factor is definitely a limitation, at least Gramblr can take some of the load off of Instagram posting. The next time you’d like to post, just click on the Gramblr app in your Applications folder to be directed to your Gramblr account page.

Note: Instagram’s Terms of Service strongly discourages the use of all third-party apps, so use Gramblr at your discretion.

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Maha Chaudhry
Maha Chaudhry works at Renegade LLC, a social-inspired marketing agency. She recently graduated from Princeton University, where she studied psychology and health policy. Her interests include fashion and beauty in digital media.
  • Julia Balandina

    Hi! I want to share my experience with you. I have a wedding agency and once I used Gramblr for my work. To be honest I wasn’t satisfied. Yes It’s free, but NO secure! Service Followed and Liked other profiles from my accounts
    I’ve chosen the other service

  • Michael O’Brien

    Seems Like Your pushing an offer and sharing it like news . Do you or your co Social Media Explorer ,Renegade LLC have a Financial interest in this share ? Being a pro it seems like a time waster & for the casual user

  • Maha we have seen some Instagram accounts getting deactivated for using Gramblr. There was another tool called Upload which was discontinued as well for the same reason. Have you come across any clients using Gramblr and not have issues?

    • Maha

      Thanks for your comment! I haven’t come across any reports of recent Instagram account shutdowns of Gramblr users. However, to be on the safe side, it’s probably best to limit Gramblr to personal accounts only.


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