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Marketing Insights from Pepsi, Brandwatch, Investopedia, and More
Marketing Insights from Pepsi, Brandwatch, Investopedia, and More

Incite Group, the event production arm of FC Business Intelligence, hosts several annual summits that serve to inform businesses on some of the best practices in marketing — mainly in the digital space. This year’s Incite Corporate Marketing Summit took place in Brooklyn, New York, featuring companies like Pepsi, Investopedia, Brandwatch, and more. For those of you who weren’t lucky enough to attend, here’s a Day 1 summary of some of the insights these professional marketers brought to the event.

On Social Media Engagement


“Fire your Facebook followers,” Investopedia CEO, David Siegel, says. “If you have followers that aren’t engaging, Facebook’s algorithm will negatively affect how far reaching your posts are.” See more via our Facebook stream of David’s presentation.

“Find out what’s relevant to your followers before you post,” a rep from Bold says.
Focus on your followers who are engaging and the content they like and you will do fine.

On The Future Of Social Media


A rep from Brandwatch seemed to think virtual reality would be making a name for itself in the social media space. “In terms of social, I think it’s very similar to the future of the digital space in general. I think social is moving towards virtual reality.”

Luke Niu, a Digital Advertiser at Digg, seems to have an even more intriguing idea on the future of social media. “I see personalized AI being developed. I see it eventually assisting us in developing brand stories and engaging in specific social actions.”

Pepsi’s CMO had an entirely different perspective. “Snapchat will continue to connect the digital world with the physical world. We have a single store that has absolutely no branding, but it does have a Snapchat and Instagram presence that people from all over the world engage with. I see this pattern continuing over the years.”

On Increasing Web Traffic

Investopedia’s CEO also gave a few insightful tips on how to increase web traffic. “When I first got the job as CEO of Investopedia, I noticed that the majority of our traffic was coming from Google. I didn’t like this. All of our traffic was in the hands of Google. A great method to increase traffic is to increase your web traffic sources.”

He then went on to give us insights into how to gain more sources of traffic. “Partner with other companies for traffic. Fool writes for Investopedia all the time for free. All they ask is that we include a link to their services at the bottom of each article.”
Partnering with other companies in this way would definitely help increase traffic. Write a blog or two for Huffington Post. Include links to your site, and surely your traffic will increase.

On Television as a Marketing Medium

Everyone seems to think television is dead — except Pepsi. For its “Puppy-Monkey-Baby” campaign, the brand decided to mix what usually goes viral online with television. The campaign was tremendously successful — to the point where people were dressing up as Puppy-Monkey-Babies for Halloween. The key takeaway is that TV still works, it just has to be modern and in-tune with the digital age.

OfferPop’s Announcement

At the conference, OfferPop, which runs applications that allow companies to run contests via social media, announced a name change to Wyng. The name change is a play on the word “Wing.”

“We changed our name because we aren’t just focusing on typical contests and offer pops. Moving forward, we want to get into predictive analysis. We want companies to be able to predict what sort of content works better with our platform. We are ‘taking flight’ into new endeavors,” a rep from Wyng explained to us.

What’s Next?


Following up on the success of the Marketing Summit, Incite Group is bringing what it bills as “USA’s best brand-focused customer service conference” to the Marriot Brooklyn Bridge on November 9-10, 2016.

Renegade LLC and Social Media Explorer CEO will be speaking and moderating once again, so be sure to stay tuned to for updates and insights from the Incite Customer Service Summit 2016!

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