The Top 3 Reasons to Delete Your Instagram Account
The Top 3 Reasons to Delete Your Instagram Account
The Top 3 Reasons to Delete Your Instagram Account

I don’t have an Instagram account—and neither should you. Here are the Top 3 reasons why. Got it? Good.

1. Get a Life

To paraphrase the words of the famous curmudgeon, William Shatner, stop taking pictures of life—”GET A LIFE!”

I recently went on a family vacation to a very Instagram-friendly part of the world. But did I post any vacation pics of me, or my locale? No! And you know why? Well, I don’t have an Instagram account, as we’ve already established.

But even if I did have an Instagram account, anyone I would have wanted to share these precious vacation moments with (or more precisely, anyone who would really give a rat’s ass about these precious moments of mine), was already with me on vacation!

To recap: Nobody cares about what you’re doing. Except you and the immediate people around you. Live it. Breathe it. Drink it in. And for goodness sake, don’t waste your precious moments trying to document your precious moments on Instagram.

2. Facebook Rules!

I used to hate Facebook. Hell, I even wrote a book about my love of Twitter and threw lots of shade at Facebook. But over time, I started using Facebook for what it was originally designed for—to connect with friends and family.

Guess what? My friends and family are not on Instagram. But like over 2 BILLION other folks on this planet, they’re on Facebook. For the time being, it’s the one ring to rule them all. It’s user-friendly, people register more time on-site on Facebook than on any other social platform, and well, it’s kind of addicting after a while. Instagram? Instasham!

3. It’s Probably Making You a Little Crazy

My teenage daughter was watching Netflix the other night and I asked her, “does that thing have Black Mirror?” “Yah”, she replied, because, well, of course. Anyway, I told her that one of my colleagues had written an article about a particular episode called Nosedive, and had she ever heard of it? “Yah, like about a year ago”, she quipped.

Anyway, she cued it up for me, and as a social media marketer, I was like “Holy S&%t! This stuff is happening now, today, on Instagram!” I also thought of Klout—but that’s another rant altogether…

Then, just the other day, a friend of mine posted (on Facebook!) about a woman behind him in the lineup at Starbucks who was literally leaning over him for the entire duration of the queue, trying to capture THE perfect photo of a salad in the display case. Once she got the shot, she spent the next ten minutes, I don’t know, Photoshopping it on her phone or something, to make it even more impressive to her unwitting Instagram followers, I guess.

When she finally got to the counter, she didn’t even order the salad! But she sure got one hell of an Instagram Story though, right?

What more is there to say, except #DeleteYourAccount!

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Don Power
Don Power is the Director of Content Marketing for Renegade LLC, and Managing Editor of When it comes to content marketing, Don's been the Cyrano for a variety of organizations and delivered The King’s Speech himself from a host of stages and platforms across North America. Don extends an open invitation to connect on LinkedIn or Twitter.
  • Debbie (New Zealand)

    Mr Powers your arrogance comes across in more ways than one. Not only are you unqualified to comment on the pros and/or cons of Instagram ( having never tried it out yourself ) but you also expose an additional arrogance by not bothering to make even a fleeting response to the comments left by your readers. It’s possibly little wonder that all your biased efforts have managed to provoke in me is an ‘unsubscribe’ click !!!

  • Cory Jurentkuff

    Starting your piece with the caveat that you don’t have one, immediately discredits it. And that’s coming from someone who doesn’t have an Instagram account.

  • Icy Sedgwick

    Oh well if YOU don’t have one…

    Seriously. Just because you don’t agree with a platform doesn’t mean that everyone else should stop using it. I much prefer Instagram over Facebook because there’s less drama and I use it as a photography sharing site, like an easier-to-use Flickr. I love seeing other people’s photos and learning how to improve my own photography.

  • Gina Rogers

    Instagram is more enjoyable to me. Fb is good for keeping up with family, but for me, personally, it has gotten to be a cruel combination of boring and stressful now that everyone-you-know is on there. I get to curate my feed in Instagram and see friends’ gorgeous pictures of their home life and adventures instead of hear about someone’s vague problem or political rant. I also don’t have to follow back if I don’t want to.

  • MickO

    #1 Nobody cares what you are doing.
    #2 The 2 billion people on Facebook care what you are doing.
    #3 Well, it certainly made YOU crazy… :-)

  • Not sure you are right!

  • Nason McCombs

    Good points. However, It seems as facebook is a dying platform, while instagram is growing. It will be interesting to see what happens in the future between these two companies. I know you will never be able to get what facebook gives you off of instagram.

    • In what way is Facebook dying? It continues to gain active users, it’s still among the top social networks used by every age group, it’s leading the way in paid social advertising by a long-shot. What metric are you using to support the idea that Facebook is dying?

      As an aside, of course, Instagram is owned by Facebook and the two platforms aren’t particularly competing with one another. They serve different purposes at their core, although they have overlapping functionality and utility.

      • Nason McCombs


        I recently read a post that I based my opinion of “dying facebook” on. It can be found here
        Yes, the post is 2 years old and a lot of things on it are not true, however, some key points are made

        Being a current full-time student, I can learn a lot from fellow classmates. From the words they speak, they speak highly of instagram, and lowly of facebook. Many of them are tired of facebook, and are much more active on instagram. Yes, from what I hear, it sounds like it is dying, from what I read and see, it is not. After minimal research, I can not find any statistically backed-up facts that facebook is growing with millennials, or losing with millennials.

        Facebook (as a company) isn’t dying, and I don’t think will ever die. In the coming years, I would not be surprised if I saw Facebook (as a social media platform) shrink, and other platforms that they own grow even more.

        Please understand that these statements are merely just my opinions. You know much more about this topic than I ever hope to:)


  • On your #2 point … Instagram IS Facebook. Facebook owns it, and you can make all your Instagram pics show up on Facebook. So … not really an issue. Agree on #1 and #3 – sometimes, you just have to put the phone down and enjoy life.


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