5 Steps To Become A Twitter Champion
5 Steps to Becoming a Twitter Champion
5 Steps to Becoming a Twitter Champion

There are still a large number of folks who believe that Twitter is a very amateur and even entertaining task. After all, how hard could 140 characters be? Who needs a strategy for telling people what you had for breakfast?

Champion Tweeters think differently. They approach Twitter and their time in the Twitter community with a different behavior set, mindset and belief system. Their  Twitter Habitudes separate them from the pack.

If you seek to be more successful on Twitter, reach out to more people, get noticed, and make a bigger impact; you must be willing and ready to think and act like a Twitter Champion!

Here are 5 ways to get your Twitter Game on:

1.  Gear Up – Physically AND Mentally

You’ll need the right support and equipment for:

Even with the top of the line Twitter gear; your mental fortitude will determine your power and strength.

In the Twitterverse; faith is greater than fear; positivity greater than negativity; and inspiration will get you farther than intelligence. Passion is a must!

2.  Be Ready to Engage.

Twitter is a full contact sport. If you are not willing to reach out, listen, share and learn…stay home. Engagement is nonnegotiable.

A “victory” on Twitter is a passionate conversation; not a #140 character exchange of links or ideas. Tweeters don’t become influential just by making a Twitter account and tweeting away. They engage and have a strategic formula to sustain their engagement.

Don’t wait for people to come to you;  go to them. If you find people who connect and identify with what you share, half of your battle is won.

These tools will help you locate individuals, topics, trends and communities that you can engage with and learn from:

3.  Give it Your All

Champions do not do half way; they give 110 percent at every game and practice.

On Twitter, that means you have to share killer content – be it a resource, relevant link, amazing photo, great blog post, or inspiring quote. Don’t save the “good stuff” for a select few.  Share something which will make a difference for all.

You score big on Twitter when you can make your own or other’s quality content spread.

As you search for or create content, consider the following guidelines and questions:

  • Is it original, new or never been shared before?
  • Is it unique?
  • Will my customers and community find value?
  • Will it make someone’s day?
  • Is it shareable – easy to view, post, view, access?
  • Does it show I care?

4. Measure Only What Matters

Champions are in a constant state of reflection and practice. They understand what matters most and stive to continuously work harder, practice more and push themselves to get there.  With clear goals in mind, champions are meticulous and diligent about tracking, recording, and monitoring any data that will help them become stronger and wiser at what they do.

Once your goals are in place and your engagement formula is in full swing, you might consider the following tools to help you get and stay on track. Take your time, chose wisely, and remember…just becuase it can be measure; doesn’t make it matter.

Twitter Monitoring Tools:

  • TwInfluence: Using this tool, marketers can track how many of their followers are actually listening to their messages. It helps to track the rate at which your campaign is growing among other metrics.
  • Twitalyzer: This is another tool that analyzes your Twitter account popularity and how many times your messages are being referred to. This tool also lets you tie into Google analytics. Logging into Analytics account, you can track all the information about the traffic that is redirected from Twitter.
  • TweetEffect: Using this tool, you can find how many people are responding and reacting to your posts. This helps you identify what is and what isn’t resonating with your followers.
  • PeerIndex is another popular tool that you can use to measure your impact. Like Klout, the site gives you a PeerIndex score out of 100. A number above 40 means you’re in the top 10% of Twitter users, and a number above 90 means you’re in the 0.1% of Twitter influencers.
  • Tweetlevel analyzes your influence on the Twitterati based on your popularity, engagement level and the level of trust with your followers. It not only gives you the statistics, but also gives you a detailed description and provides you with some tips to improve your ranking. Your score is rated against 100 and the higher the score, the greater your influence.
  • Retweet Rank calculates the number of times a Twitter account has been retweeted, and a rank  is given to the user of the account. So, if you get a retweet rank of 100, it means you are the 100th most-retweeted person on Twitter.

Final Thoughts:

“Tt’s not whether you win or lose; its how you play the game”

If you don’t think you have what it takes to be a champion, think again!

Champions aren’t born. They are shaped and molded by their Habitudes. These five habits and mindsets of you and your team will determine your success in the Twitter space and across the web.

I believe you have what it takes to be a Twitter Champion, do you?

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Angela Maiers
Angela is an active blogger, social media evangelist , and passionate advocate for bridging the gap between business and education. She is a recognized educational leader, trainer, and author. She is the owner and Chief Learning Officer at Maiers Educational Services, a company emphasizing the creative use of technology and social media to advance learning; in and out of the classroom.
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  • Emily

    These are great tips about Twitter, one of the most powerful forms of social media today. Thanks for the helpful articles and links! 

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  • twitter keeps me inform and updated with the latest trend and news globally

  • I recently started using twitter, yesterday :) and the impact it has already had on my hits in amazing. Next stop twitter-facebook combo

    • Good for you! There are lots of mentors out there ready to help! Just reach out, follow their lead, and have tons of fun! Twitter is an amazing community!

  • Great tips, and thanks for the list of tools that can be used to monitor everything, I find the more active I get on Twitter the more overwhelming it gets to stay on top of it all.

    • Thanks Nancy! Let me know if there is something I missed!


    Twitter is a practical and useful
    way of disseminating information of your organization online. Offer useful
    information such that target audience and your targeted customers or clients
    would be “following” you.  Under or over promotion can both turn your followers off.

    Recently posted: http://www.online-business-virtual-assistant.com/blog/part-3-5-effective-ways-to-promote-your-ebay-and-amazon-business-using-twitter/

  • A fantastic post as always!  I remember when I first started to use Twitter – and wondered what I could possibly add to the amazing conversations that were happening.  (I ‘lurked’ for a while!)  The great thing is that the conversations lead to further learning and deeper engagement with your own understandings of who you are as an educator, in my case.  You learn very quickly that people do want to hear your thoughts – and it’s great to be challenged on your thinking too. I think, with the emphasis on educators being reflective practitioners, that Twitter provides a great platform for reflection on our beliefs about teaching and learning.

    • Justine-
      I completely agree. Twitter has many dimensions. Conversations can be quick; making it easy to update and stay in touch or bridge the way to deep and lasting conversations. It is a wonderful platform for learning and reflection. 

  • Felt like another motivational quest for glory. Pay really close attention to detail. Especially spelling. =)

    • Thanks for the perspective Sherwin. The quest is for adding value to the community; that is the glorious part! 

  • Savmoni

    Very helpful info!

  • Great post!  Just reading them makes me want to jump up, run out my door to a local hotspot and tweet away!  :)  Seriously, good stuff…looking forward to checking out the additional links as well.  Thanks for sharing!

    • Jump away! Please let me know which links were most helpful and be sure to add your own take! Champions are always learning, right?


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