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Blogger Social, The Echo Chamber And Editorial Purpose
Blogger Social, The Echo Chamber And Editorial Purpose

Having spent the weekend at Blogger Social in New York with 80 of the top marketing bloggers from around the world, it would be hard for me not to write about it here. Yet, for some reason, I strongly considered not doing so. Yes, I had a wonderful time networking and socializing with some of the most brilliant people in my business. Yes, there are fun stories to tell and new connections to explore. Yes, I would do it all over again next week, next month AND next year.

What tempts me to steer clear of writing about Blogger Social, however, is that doing so only contributes to what I see as a growing echo chamber of marketing, social media, public relations blogs that rotate posts about how most people don’t get it, traditional marketing sucks/is dead and look at all the cool bloggers I know/can link to/are brilliant, etc. Granted, I’m part of the problem. As Shawn Morton jokingly (sort of) put it in a recent email to some Social Media Club Louisville folks, “Jason Falls, who will hump the leg of any A-List blogger within 10 feet.” Offline, it’s networking. Here, though, it’s just gratuitous ass-kissing.

Not that each of the 80 folks don’t bring something wonderful to the conversation about marketing, public relations, social media and more. It would do all of my readers well to browse each of the folks listed in Friday’s post to find out what expertise they bring to the table. Several are thought leaders in the marketing world, authors of books and top blogs. Others are innovators, designers and entrepreneurs. All of them are leaders in our field.

But this, Social Media Explorer, is for you, not just them. Yes, many of them read my blog. But nothing much I say here is going to be new to them. Certainly, there’s validation and conversation among those readers of SME who know a thing or two about social media, but I would think this blog is more of a service to people trying to understand it a bit more. And noshing on about whose elbows I rubbed Friday and Saturday isn’t going to help you produce any better social media outcomes for your business or clients.

So, feel free to browse the Flickr galleries below to see how much fun we had. Jump over to the Blogger-Social photo group to see others. Do a Tweetscan for bs08 or blogger social if you want to see all the fun and frolic. In the meantime, I’m still tinkering with a stronger editorial purpose for Social Media Explorer. Thank you for your patience whilst I ponder.

Saturday’s Fun:

And From Friday:

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Jason Falls
Jason Falls is the founder of Social Media Explorer and one of the most notable and outspoken voices in the social media marketing industry. He is a noted marketing keynote speaker, author of two books and unapologetic bourbon aficionado. He can also be found at
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  • Mack – Thanks, my man. I wish we had more time, too. Perhaps a trip south is in the offing for me this summer. Not August, though. Alabama sucks in August.

  • Jason you just keep doing whatever is working for you. I lost count on how many times I heard ‘I love that guy!’ after I mentioned the name ‘Jason Falls’. Had a blast getting lost in the city with you and the gang on Sat, only regret is that we didn’t have more time!

  • Arun – The pleasure was all mine. I’m certainly the only person on my blog with a friend in Oman. It’s exciting for Americans to learn of a different culture and perspective on our world. It helps us be less ego-centric. Your presence alone brought great depth and learning to our discussions. And your kindness is something we’ll always remember. We’re equally as glad you made the trip and am certain all of us would love to visit your country in the future. (I’ll look you up when I’m in the neighborhood!)

  • Dear Jason: It was an absolute delight meeting you. You were the life of the party on Friday evening and then I thoroughly enjoyed our social media interaction with Susan Bird on the boat. Many thanks for sharing your work with us. And, of course, for those lovely goodies you were kind enough to let us have. I look forward to following your work in the future, and of course having the pleasure of being your friend from Oman. BS’08 brought me closer to a lot of impressive, amazing people and I’m glad I made the trip!

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  • Ken — Great point and input. You’re absolutely right about the client point of view. It’s nice that we can all bounce ideas off one another, but lets remember we have roles as educators as well. Thanks for chiming in!

  • One more compliment to noticing the “echo chamber” effect. The thing I’ve noted recently is that the clients are often nowhere near where the “professionals” are in terms of thinking about social media and the like.

    They’re too busy to blog, have no clue about the latest social media fads like Twitter (let alone the ones I haven’t tried yet) and, have never left a comment on a forum and, frankly, aren’t entirely sure what RSS is. Let’s all keep an eye out for what’s real along with what’s exciting!

  • Scott — Agreed all around. I’m anxious to see your upcoming profiles and can’t wait to meet again. You rock, even if it is in a three-piece suit with monogrammed cuffs and cuff links.

  • Jason, I applaud your non-traditional post. I share your sentiment about the echo chamber / fishbowl effect. Too many of my own posts lately have been filled with linkrolls – there’s been a purpose, but I don’t like to litter my blog with too many of those.

    I think you’re right to be considerate of your audience by not cluttering the space up with too much self-referential (in the group sense) material, but you’re also right to point out that there are people that they should be checking out. Beginning this week, I’m making it an effort to find new voices and to feature them on my blog, in order to expand this community.

    It was great seeing you again and I look forward to the next adventure.

  • Linda – And thank you for that. It was great to finally meet you. Safe travels!

    Gavin – Agreed, sir. Until this week, I’d never met anyone from Oman. You Aussies, Belgians, etc., are a different story, but I’d never met any quite as hip, cool and unbelievably smart. The confluence of such diversity under one common interest was truly outstanding.

    Suki — Thank you, kindly, for the kind words. I’m glad to serve a purpose. Even if it is making you laugh stuff out your nose.

    Steve — Let’s keep figuring. If anyone is going to hit it out of the park, I think those of us gathered this week are the most likely candidates.

    Geoff — You are the man, which is why I won’t kiss you. It was a thrill to hang with the Buzz-meister. Here’s hoping we continue to find opportunities to collaborate.

  • An absolute blast hanging out, jason. Thanks for not kissing me, too :)

    Glad we met, and you are right, readers first. Thought I, too, could not resist the urge today.

  • Jason,

    It was a real pleasure to meet you over the weekend. And, yes, I agree with you about the “echo chamber” effect. We need to move quickly past the mutual admiration phase (as pleasant as that is) and start productively building. Figuring out how as we go along will be part of the fun!

  • Suki Fuller

    It was truly a great pleasure to meet & spend time with you this weekend.

    Reading your blog always brightened my life but now even more so having met you. I am still laughing from our fun meal.

    Rock on “mall bar” hero.

  • The whole social aspect of BS was where the most interest was for me. There were people from all over the world who may never again be in the one place at the one time — each committing their time and money to come together.

  • Just a new pal you met at Blogger Social saying “hi Jason!”


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