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5 Ways to Elevate Your Home Office with Everlasting Comfort Product Line
5 Ways to Elevate Your Home Office with Everlasting Comfort Product Line

It’s no secret that in this past year, more of us have been working from home than ever. Though our at-home setups may be good enough at the moment, the longer we spend working at home, the more we want our workspace to be as good as it can be.

If you want to elevate your at-home office to make it the best it can be, Everlasting Comfort has you covered with these comfort-boosting hacks that you can use to elevate your home office space.

With the Past Year, Many Things Have Moved Online

Last year, the pandemic caused many complications in everyone’s life. Everything seemingly came to a screeching halt, and everyone found themselves needing to stay inside the home for more time than ever before.

This quarantine, combined with our advances in technology, led to more things being moved online than ever. Among those was moving every job possible to a remote position. 

We Spend More Time At Home Than Ever Before

For all of us, whether we work entirely online or part-time from home, we have been spending more time at home than ever before. That’s why it matters now more than ever that our home office setup is luxurious.

How You Can Make Your Home Office More Comfortable with Everlasting Comfort Products

So how do you elevate your at-home workspace with products from Everlasting Comfort?

Here are some fun tips and tricks to get your home office looking and feeling fantastic.

1. Make Your Seating Arrangement Perfect

Step one to maximizing your home office is to make the chair you sit in as comfortable as possible. Sitting all day can be uncomfortable enough, so why not make it a more pleasant place to spend your day by making your chair comfy and cozy.

Coccyx Cushion

If you get nothing else, get yourself a coccyx cushion.

These cushions are made from memory foam and sit in the bottom of your chair under your buttocks. They have a cutout in the back so that your tailbone doesn’t have to be pressed against a hard surface.

Lumbar Cushion<

A lumbar cushion, when placed correctly, fits the curve of your lower spine.

It also reminds you to sit forward in your seat, improving your posture and engaging those core muscles.

2. Add Some Moisture to the Air

Having dry air circulating through the room where you’re working could make it harder for you. This dry air can cause your sinuses to dry out and lead to dehydrated, cracked skin.

Adding a cool-mist humidifier to your home office can soothe dry skin and improve your cough or sniffles that keep you from being able to focus at work. It also relieves that dry throat, making business calls easier to get through.

3. Increase Energy by Adding a Scent

If you’re finding yourself getting sleepy in the afternoons, fighting back falling asleep in your chair, get yourself an essential oil diffuser and use some energizing scents.

There are a few different essential oils that boost energy. You can experiment by adding a few drops of them to your essential oil diffuser or get more creative by mixing some scents.

Some of the best essential oils to boost energy at work are peppermint oil, sweet orange oil, lemon oil, and lavender. Add a few drops of these to your essential oil diffuser at home to liven up the space.

4. Prop Your Feet Up

There are many benefits to elevating your legs following an injury, but propping your feet up at your desk can also offer some benefits. It helps reduce swelling, relieve muscle tension, and create better blood flow.

Using one of Everlasting Comfort’s under-desk foam footrest can keep your feet at a healthy angle, relieving pressure and improving circulation. This makes all the difference when you work long days at a desk.

5. Give Your Arms a Rest

When you’re working at home, you’re probably spending a lot of your day typing away at your computer. All of that typing takes a toll on your arms and wrists.

Everlasting Comfort offers premium foam armrests that you can attach to the arms of your office chair. This allows you to stop putting so much strain on your shoulders and elbows.

Take Your Home Office to the Next Level with Everlasting Comfort

If you’re working from home, you deserve the most comfortable workspace that you can get. Head over to Everlasting Comfort to elevate your home office today.

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