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Closing the Gender Gap in Business
Closing the Gender Gap in Business

Closing the Gender Gap

Closing the gender gap is critical and educator Jonathan Osler has a multitude of ways it can be done. According to Osler, it’s important for businesses to first recognize this social justice issue. After the problem is acknowledged, it is essential for businesses to communicate with everyone and develop a plan to incorporate inclusion into the workforce. The communication aspect of establishing a plan to close the gender is essential. Without a supportive environment, Osler states, an equity-centered plan and work environment cannot be achieved effectively. After the plan is developed, it is imperative to actively implement all strategies. Without action change cannot be made. Additionally, nobody is perfect the first time so it is important to recognize this and to keep going. Change is a process not a one time action.

There are ways to close the gender cap outside the workforce as well according to Osler. Beginning from the ground up, we can look to and encourage our educators to make teaching social issues a must. Children are our foundation to society so if we instill a need to fight against injustices then that will translate into the real world. Incorporating lessons about gender roles and stereotypes into daily lesson plans creates an opportunity and a safe space for children to learn about and challenge gender issues. This will translate into the world as they grow up.

Another way to impact the gender gap in today’s society is through policy making and fundraising. If we encourage our lawmakers to prioritize equity when drafting or promoting laws then individuals would understand the importance of ending gender issues and, specifically, closing the gender gap. Laws can be put into place that require wage fairness so businesses don’t have the opportunity to decide income based on gender. Fundraising through schools, religious communities, local stores, and even more will not only create the funds necessary to provide social justice groups with proper resources, but it will also raise awareness about the issue.

As a communications strategist, Osler emphasizes the importance of effective communication and outreach. Businesses can take action against the gender gap by also working alongside other companies to promote a supportive work environment. One business can create a lot of change but many businesses can mean a world of difference. The exchange of ideas and strategies across different platforms and companies can benefit everyone in the process.

Businesses can use their funds to support women outside of the workforce. Doing so will cause a chain reaction. Things like sports are a popular activity that many people love and spend time doing. If businesses use their earnings and audience to promote inclusivity then that can translate back to the workforce. Jonathan Osler believes that businesses can establish an inclusive environment that inspires women to grow and strengthen their skill set. All they need to do are tools such as networking, mentorship, and collaboration.
Osler makes it clear that closing the gender gap within businesses is possible; all people have to do is act.

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