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Enhancing Team Motivation  
Enhancing Team Motivation  

There are quite a number of reasons as to why the motivation of employees at the workplace is quite crucial. First and foremost, Alexander Djerassi values the idea that the motivation of the teams of employees at the workplace tends to allow the management to be able to effectively have the goals of the company met with ease. In a workplace where the employees are not well motivated, the company in question may end up finding itself in a situation that is quite risky. Team motivation for this reason, is quite crucial and is a great way to get the work done. There are quite a number of ways by which companies can enhance team motivation, by being able to combine the knowledge, skills and energy of their employees in a bid to yield the best results.

Ways By Which Companies Can Enhance Team Motivation At the Workplace

1.Recognizing Great Work Done By the Employees

One of the greatest ways by which team motivation can be enhanced in any company is simply by being able to recognize the hard work being done by the team at hand. Statistics actually show that the morale and motivation of employees in most workplaces, often tend to improve greatly; when the hard work they are trying to put in place is recognized by their bosses.

This makes so much sense, because in the event that an employee has put in much effort at something in the workplace and it fails to get recognized, they may end up losing the psyche to be a high-performing employee.

2.Offer Some Opportunities for Self Improvement and Development

In every team in an organization, there are always some members of the team, who may be of more value to the organization, in comparison to others. The others who are not valuable in terms of skills should be identified, so that they can be taken through the appropriate training that may help in advancing their skills. The whole team may also be exposed to opportunities for training that can be of great help in helping to advance in their skills. These may include training in the latest technologies and so forth.

3.Help Encourage and Foster Great Collaboration, Within the Team

According to research, there is a good percentage of employees who feel like their input is never quite appreciated at the workplace. Because of this, they may thus end up losing psyche and motivation to actively participate in activities at work. For this reason, those in charge ought to encourage all the members of their team to participate actively, by for example, giving suggestions on how to better improve how things are done at the workplace. Ask them questions, listen keenly to the responses they give; and if possible, have their suggestions implemented. This way, every team member will end up feeling as important and therefore get well motivated.

How Alexander Djerassi Believes Motivation is Crucial for a Company to Be Successful

Alexander Djerassi is a great believer in the fact that motivation is very important for the success of any company. This is mostly because employees that are well motivated will end up yielding to the increased productivity of a company. Because of this, the organization in question will end up having very high levels of input, hence will easily become successful.

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