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Social Entrepreneurship
Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship is defined as the process by which individuals, startups and entrepreneurs develop and fund solutions that directly address social issues. Jonathan Osler wants to point out that there are four types of social entrepreneurship: community social entrepreneur, non profit entrepreneur, transformational social entrepreneur, global entrepreneur.

The community social entrepreneurship serves the social needs of the community within its geographical area. This could be anything from creating job opportunities to constructing a building for the community. This type of entrepreneur deals directly with the community. The non-profit social entrepreneurship is primarily focused on the social aspect instead of the gain. The non profits reinvest within their business to help further the expansion of their services. This type of entrepreneurship tends to be a company or organization that uses their power for greater good and helping individuals or communities. The transformational social entrepreneurs are focused on creating a business that can meet the social needs that the government and other businesses in the area or around the globe are not meeting. Global social entrepreneurship’s change the social system to meet the major global needs. This can be anywhere from having clean water in certain countries to granting education and internet access to countries that currently do not have the resources necessary to provide for it.

Social entrepreneurs tend to be individuals or businesses who are motivated by having a passion for realizing a cause in the area or around the globe, and want to make a change.

Jonathan Osler took part in global entrepreneurship with raising the cause for racial justices. He Empowers STEM and his movement is to provide mathematical and other learning skills to children globally no matter the race or gender. Jonathan Osler is using education as a tool to break down racism and make it a safe environment where everyone can learn and have equal rights. He is a passionate educator, communicator, entrepreneur, and researcher.

He is breaking down barriers for children, and allowing each child to have the ability to learn and pursue whatever it may be that they are interested in. By giving each child an opportunity to learn and further their education; he is allowing the world to become more equal and wholesome at the same time. He has been using his techniques in several countries allowing children who would not have the ability to learn as they would today. He is a powerful influence on not only children but also adults giving each person a fighting chance at education, and the ability to seek out their hobbies within their education.

Education is very powerful, and what he is giving to the people in need is outstanding. He is simply giving the people a voice who have not been able to for many years before. With education comes power, and he is doing just that. Seeking out countries and racial injustices to help the minorities become equal with giving them the power to learn and educate themselves. He is giving each individual an opportunity to learn and grow within. We should all take note of what he is doing and use our education for the greater good.

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