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Writing a Rejection Letter
Writing a Rejection Letter

Writing a rejection letter

When looking for the best person for the job, there will no doubt be a lot of people who are applying for the role. This is why it is inevitable that there will be a bunch of rejection letters sent out once the position has been filled & it’s important to know how to properly write one of these letters. That’s why Jonathan Osler is here to provide tips on how to ensure that the letter is well written & lets them down easily. So, this is what he advises when it comes to crafting the perfect rejection letter for each applicant. So, the first thing he recommends is to always use gentle language. The idea here is to ensure that none of them walk away feeling bad about themselves. So, the best way to do this is by letting them know that each of them has a lot of valuable skills & experience & that it was very hard to choose which person was the best fit for the role due to the number of qualified applicants. This will help them to understand it was not personal & they should be very proud of just how far they made it in the hiring process. It is never an easy process, but this makes it that much easier on them. The next thing he advises is to make sure it does not have any errors. If the letter has a lot of typos in it, it will make the recipient think that the person did not put that much time & effort into it & as such does not care very much about the person at all. So, to make sure that all of the new applicants feel as if they matter, it needs to be one of the best written letters in the world. His next piece of advice is to always address each letter to the person it is sent to as this will make them feel as if they are not just a faceless number. By showing that the hiring manager remembers their name, it will help them to feel important & make them aware of the fact that they do matter in the grand scheme of things. It also helps to put the title of Mr. or Ms. on there so that they feel as if their time is being valued as opposed to being wasted. Finally, Jonathan Osler would recommend that each letter states that they will be considered for any similar roles that might pop up as this will provide them with a sense of hope as they resume their job search & try to find the position that is right for them. This will also make them feel a bit more valued as a potential staff member for the company at which they just interviewed. So as long as they follow all of these rules, they are sure to craft a rejection letter that will be well received by all of its recipients. That way, they can respect the rejection without taking it personally.

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