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How To Start Growing Your Finance Blog Using Content Marketing And Social Media
How To Start Growing Your Finance Blog Using Content Marketing And Social Media

The ability to turn a blog into a full-time job earning an income more possible than ever before as templates for web design make it easier than ever to customize a templates look. The most important factor in generating income is attracting consistent traffic to the site. This is best done through generating quality content as readers are not going to flock to a blog if they have generic uninformative content. Content posting on a consistent basis is what needs to be done as it keeps visitors on pages for longer possibly finding another piece of content they would want to read. The lack of posting can lead people to believe a blog is dead and result in them not visiting the website anymore.

Utilize Different Types Of Content

The ability to create different types of content whether it is a podcast or video content have an advantage. Not all people enjoy consuming their content via text so differentiation in content will help include all content consumption preferences. When going into a financial topic in-depth opting for a podcast can be wise as producing this long form content in other forms can be time consuming as well as costly. Transcribing these podcasts can turn them into a valuable resource as well so this is something to keep in mind. Personal finance blogs can generate quite a bit of traffic so to maximize income bringing this traffic in consistently is key.

Promote On Social Media

Social media is the perfect platform to promote a blog on as it is free and gives the blogger the chance to interact with other blogs in the niche. Creating relationships is important as mutually beneficial partnerships being created is a way networks of sites can generate quite a bit of revenue in ad money. An article or tweet that has caught fire and has an element of being viral can build a blog’s presence and follower number almost immediately. Take the time to respond to questions or comments on content that is posted as this can help build a loyal readership.

Link Building

The one aspect of building up a blog is its ranking on search engines for relevant phrases. Ranking on the first page for the phrase “personal finance blog” can yield millions of organic visitors over the course of a year. Outreach with the offer of contributing content to similar sites can help build relevant links that are valuable to search engine rankings. Most blogs will allow on link in the author bio or article body if it adds value to the site and it is owned by the author. There are plenty of lists online of sites that accept guest posts even if your blog gets a mention rather than a link. Outreach should be done daily with at least one article being written per day for the blog or an offsite publication.

Promoting a blog through content marketing is going to be a process that takes consistent high quality content with great promotion. The hard work spent will offer monetary rewards through ads, sponsored posts, and consulting work as plenty of people need help with personal finance and finance in general.

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