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Bad News For Millions Of Instagram Users On Apple Devices
Bad News For Millions Of Instagram Users On Apple Devices

Millions upon millions of Apple users still don’t have an Instagram app. It looks as though things will continue to be this way in the future.

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There’s bad news for Instagram users with iPads: they’re still no closer to getting an Instagram app that works well on their devices.

The news comes directly from Instagram Head, Adam Mosseri, who explains in a recent tweet that his team is too “heads down” on other things and that, despite receiving numerous requests, there simply aren’t enough users out there to justify the development of a dedicated iPad app.

Mosseri goes on to state that Android is currently the largest platform for Instagram and that each new platform “adds overhead”. Instagram additionally supports iOS, “www” and Instagram Lite., the streamlined version of the app designed for less-powerful devices with restricted data plans.

Why do Instagram users want an iPad app?

The iPad’s display abilities are amazing, but it has not had an Instagram app. While the iPhone version of the app does work on the iPad, it’s really not a great experience as it displays a low-quality scaled-up version of the interface.

Furthermore, Instagram doesn’t support iPadOS 15’s multitasking features, such as Slide Over windows. If you’re using your iPad in landscape mode, the app will run in a small vertical strip, wasting huge amounts of screen space on either side.

iPad owners can access from a browser, but several important features are missing from this interface including posting to Reels, Instagram’s response to arch-rival TikTok.

TikTok, on the other hand, does already support the iPad, so there’s potentially light at the end of the tunnel in that Instagram may one day be forced to follow suit.

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