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Basic Tips for General Managers
Basic Tips for General Managers

Basic Tips for General Managers

General Managers

The Great Resignation or the Big Quit as it has been called as a result of the pandemic that struck in 2020 has caused a lot of people to dive into owning their own business and start managing people. There are many who remained with their jobs and had to step up and become managers because of the changes within the various departments and the organization as a whole. Being a manager, be it for one’s own business or for a corporation takes a lot of know-how when dealing with people as employees. Everyone likes to be a winner and being a general manager is like coaching. Just like coaches, a general manager should stress and emphasize the fundamentals and basic skills that will play into making a good group or a good team of employees so that the business overall can be productive and win at the objectives and goals that are set forth. Here one will find basic tips for general managers of a business, according to entrepreneur Alexander Djerassi. Let’s take a look.


Basic Tip one, the general manager should build an organized framework to help shape the work environment. This is vital as the general manger has a tall order of responsibilities and activities that must be performed. The framework should have a defining scope of the job while setting priorities for a good work environment. The framework is considered the foundation of getting “business ready” for longevity with much success.

Basic Tip two is all about setting objects and goals for the business because it builds and forms the most crucial part which is the start of the actual crafting of a strategic vision. The strategic vision is more than objectives and goals although objectives and goals should not be downplayed as they are the actual building blocks of the vision. However, the strategic vision itself is just a little bit more. The general manager should set the focus on developing a strategic vision as it will go a long way in helping the business be productive.

Basic Tip three is to develop a good team of star performers. It is of the utmost importance to be able to delegate some of that load of responsibilities. Therefore, a good general manager will have team leaders that they have developed quickly while keeping them challenged with delegated and shared responsibilities. The business will experience poor performance if it has a lack of talented team leaders who cannot support the general manager. So, it is a must to attract already talented team leaders/managers who can help the general manager.
In conclusion, this is only a small highlight of tips for general managers. The list is much longer and there are many other factors such as a general manager’s personal style, experience, skills and expertise. However, focusing on a foundational framework, objectives and goals to create a strategic vision along with developing star performers is a great start as entrepreneur Alexander Djerassi would most certainly agree.

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