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Bitcoin Groups on LinkedIn
Bitcoin Groups on LinkedIn

On January 3, 2009, the financial sector was changed forever when Satoshi Nakamoto released a white paper detailing the launch of Bitcoin. Since then, Bitcoin has been growing in popularity with vast profits to be made by those looking to invest. What many investors are struggling to understand is how to enjoy the profits from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without a complete understanding of the way this financial area works.

One of the simplest ways of learning about cryptocurrencies is to visit Bitcoin Era website and learn as much as possible about trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. Although it is vital to learn as much as possible, once an investor begins their Bitcoin journey they can look to learn more by joining LinkedIn groups dedicated to the trading of Bitcoin.

In the early days of Bitcoin trading the majority of discussions about cryptocurrency the majority of discussion groups were located on Reddit. The ability of traders, investors, and miners to come together and discuss their cryptocurrency deals in a secure area was one of the reasons for the development of this social media platform. The other reason for the shift to Reddit was the ability of each group member to create threads and sub-threads that would attract the interest of fellow group members.

However, the increasing professionalism and mainstream appeal of Bitcoin is leading to a shift towards the use of LinkedIn as the main social media platform for discussions and trading. The Microsoft-owned platform has been growing in importance because of the number of professionals who use the site and are showing a greater interest in Bitcoin. LinkedIn is now home to at least five Bitcoin groups and recently announced its top skill for 2020 is Blockchain training because of its links to cryptocurrency.

Among the groups dedicated to Bitcoin on LinkedIn is Bitcoin P2P Digital Currency, which has more than 9,000 members and has been used as a discussion area for Bitcoin for many years. The second-largest group on LinkedIn is simply called Bitcoin with around 2,000 members and has restricted access to a small number of members.

One of the most interesting groups on LinkedIn is Bitcoin Entrepreneurs and Startups that is dedicated to allowing members to exchange ideas about trading and investing in cryptocurrency. There are other Bitcoin-focused groups on LinkedIn, but these are largely limited to around 1,000 members and are often focused on exchanging ideas between those working with a single cryptocurrency company.

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn is now taking control of the Bitcoin discussion group sector and is looking to expand its offerings to improve its future in cryptocurrency. There is a possibility of LinkedIn including global economic data for each user, meaning the link between cryptocurrencies and the social media platform will expand and prompt more trades to be initiated through LinkedIn.






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