Breaking: Twitter Releases Dashboard for Small Businesses
Breaking: Twitter Releases Dashboard for Small Businesses
Breaking: Twitter Releases Dashboard for Small Businesses

Twitter has released its newest app, Twitter Dashboard, in an effort to help small businesses connect with their audience and manage their social presence. The app joins Twitter’s two stand-alone apps, Tweetdeck for power users, and Engage for influencers. What separates Twitter Dashboard from the rest is that it specifically targets businesses that don’t have the resources to dedicate to their social accounts. The service will have iOS and desktop availability, and will offer a custom feed, scheduling feature, and an analytics functionality. Dashboard also promises to assist small businesses by suggesting ideas and tips for future posts.

The app will improve the way small businesses have monitored their social handles, by giving them access to more than tweets that solely mention their username. Companies will be able see hashtags and keywords, such as business name and product name, in their feeds. The ability to see more conversations about their companies will help businesses better connect with their audience, and give them a better understanding of how their company standing on social. Twitter Dashboard will also allow small businesses to schedule future posts. This will be an extremely beneficial tool for companies that would otherwise not have the bandwidth to tweet throughout the day.

Dashboard will also grant users access to Twitter Analytics, giving them an in depth look at how their tweets are performing and the impact their businesses are having on social. Additionally, the service will also offer up suggestions for posts and conversation starters that pertain to your industry.

It will be interesting to see how Dashboard performs in comparison to Twitter’s third party applications. Will the service mainly affect the marketing strategy of small businesses or will it prove beneficial to a wider array of users? Is Dashboard going to give Twitter the comeback it so desperately needs? We’ll have to wait and see.

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