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Calls To Abolish The ATF And Repeal The NFA Trend On Social Media
Calls To Abolish The ATF And Repeal The NFA Trend On Social Media

It is unlikely that the debate about firearm ownership will find an American consensus. Second Amendment supporters see it as a fundamental right granted by our Founding Fathers. However, gun control advocates want to limit firearms ownership. However, the gun control issue has become an important political topic in recent decades, and both parties have embraced it.

On Tuesday, Republican Rep. Thomas Massie (@RepThomasMassie) of Kentucky – a noted supporter of the Second Amendment – tweeted a simple but direct question, “What pro Second Amendment legislation do you want the House to pass when Republicans retake the majority?”

Many gun rights organizations and advocates called for the elimination of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and the repeal of 1934’s National Firearms Act (NFA).

Although the law was not actually intended to ban automatic weapons like machine guns and short-barreled rifles or shotguns but it did place restrictions on who can own such firearms.

Both of the above calls are unlikely to be realistic. However, this isn’t the first call for the ATF to be abolished and the NFA to be repealed. In March 1939, the Supreme Court heard the first attempt to repeal the 1934 law. United States against Miller (307 U.S.174), the Court determined that the Second Amendment did not protect the ownership of a sawed off double-barrel shotgun.

This did not end the matter. Because both sides agree with the argument, this case continues to be cited even today in American guns debate.

Although subsequent attempts to repeal the NFA have failed, they have not gained momentum. Although the Republicans may be able to win the United States Senate, House of Representatives elections, such legislation is not likely to get to the floor.

This case shows that Rep. Massie was using the internet to demonstrate his Second Amendment commitment and also to manage the story. Lawmakers on both sides of aisle can use social media to make a very public show of support for their cause – knowing not much is likely to come of it.

Gun Control Support Waning

Nevertheless, gun control support has fallen, so Massie’s Twitter tweet this week is notable.

According to a Quinnipiac poll from last month found that forty-seven percent of registered voters supported calls for more gun control, while 48 percent were opposed—the lowest level of support for gun control since late 2015 in Quinnipiac’s annual polling. A Gallup poll in November found that 52 percent of Americans supported stricter gun laws. However, this was down from the fifty-seven per cent in 2020 and sixty-four percent for 2019. The Gallup poll found that this was the lowest percentage of support since 2014.

However, Rep. Massie did not respond to everyone who expressed an interest in reducing restrictions for gun owners.

Many others have also called for even More Restrictions on the Second Amendment It is likely that a single tweet won’t change any opinion, as it happens with so many issues that divide America. The echo chamber that is social media makes it easy to know where everybody stands on this highly charged topic.

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