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Dr. Cory Harow Discusses the Process of Finding Affordable Health Insurance
Dr. Cory Harow Discusses the Process of Finding Affordable Health Insurance

Health issues pop up at unexpected times throughout life and throw us off habitual routines, take the money and cause changes to be required. There is no way to tell when catastrophe will come, something serious that changes the way of life, like cancer or diabetes. Illness is expensive and help is needed. A family member might be unable to work and the income is needed. Sometimes the illness requires more and more treatment and costs go on and on, higher and higher.

Cory Harow, a doctor from Florida, tells us we need to get health insurance with sums paid that can increase as treatments increase and costs soar. If a person is struggling with a certain illness, it is best to be covered ahead of time, because no one ever knows when an illness may arise or if an accident will happen.

Enrollment and Budget

The enrollment period limits when new plans can begin. The enrollment period is from November first until December fifteenth. Policies signed on or before the fifteenth will begin on January first. If the enrollment period is missed, short-term policies are available.

Besides the enrollment period, the budget must be considered. That will limit the availability of plans and what the plans include.


Obama signed a bill originating the Healthcare Marketplace which is run by the government.

All plans are not required to offer plan details on this site and one of these plans not listed might be more interesting. Then more work and more digging will be required on an individual state site.

Being a doctor, Cory Harow suggests heavily that everyone should have insurance for their best welfare and fairness to an entire family for the stability of finances and health. We all feel required to help out when one member of an extended family or even a dear friend needs help with medical bills or income while another member is ill.

The Healthcare Marketplace

There are both online sites and available telephone numbers for the Healthcare Marketplace if a computer is not available. Either way, the next step is to find an affordable plan among the thousands. The plans are rated starting at the top with A, graded on their performance. 

Questions will need to be answered:


Health Concerns

Possibly Personal Details

Coverage Wanted

Members to be Covered

When talking to a company, if a subsidy is available it will be a figure at the time. If a health plan is still too affordable, financial help may be available. Also, ask friends and family if they have a recommendation.

Next, once a plan is decided upon, the company will need to be contacted to get a quote. The deductible, out-of-pocket expenses, and copays will be stated. The higher the payment, usually the lower the deductible. Having all this, it is time to evaluate which plan among the list accumulated is desirable and within a budget. Each plan is only good for one year and needs to be renewed or another plan put in place before then, preferably by December 15th.

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