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Greta Thunberg Is Trending Again On Twitter For The Wrong Reasons
Greta Thunberg Is Trending Again On Twitter For The Wrong Reasons

An energetic spokesperson takes to the stage, expressing her emotions.

Meanwhile, on Twitter…  things are less than heartwarming.

We are aware that Greta Thunberg (climate change activist) is making waves.

However, the problem with social media is that many commenters have begun to see a pattern that’s become very obvious in recent years. Thunberg uses social media to talk about climate change. He draws attention but offers few solutions.

Many commenters take her to task because she talks but does not act.

Here’s another that is even more specific:

That’s really the problem with protests that effectively raise awareness about a topic but often fail to come up with practical solutions.

They point the finger, and that’s a good thing in some cases, but they also don’t use those same fingers to start coming up with action plans, developing new products or services, or consulting with those in power.

An additional tweet mentions the notion of taking action and making positive changes. The comments are equally hostile, with the activist being asked to give more detail plans. Here’s her original tweet:

The typical answer is:

Another common argument is that this issue doesn’t really concern corporations and oil firms. Commenters say that the real call to actions, which will be most important, is for everyday citizens to stop driving gasoline-powered cars and to try and change their lives on a daily basis.

A second response highlighted how the smallest changes actually make a big difference. Although it is appealing to be lofty about drastic cuts in carbon emissions, they are difficult to put into practice. One commenter said:

It is unclear if there will be consensus between the people who demand drastic action and those in actual charge.

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