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Shalom Lamm Explains Life After the Pandemic, What Should We Expect?
Shalom Lamm Explains Life After the Pandemic, What Should We Expect?

After a year of uncertainty and anticipation for the coronavirus pandemic to conclude once and for all, the United States is officially out of the dark and scary tunnel. Vaccinations are being widely distributed in record time, and states are finally lifting public restrictions. With this in mind, many people are curious about what life after the pandemic will look like. Will everything return exactly the way it was before? Or will it be a new sense of normalcy? The adjustment will take some time, but overall, people are excited to regain their freedom and spend quality time with family and friends. 

Like others, Shalom Lamm is excited for his business to no longer suffer from COVID-19 and get back to contributing to a cause that means so much to him. He is the CEO of a nonprofit organization called Operation Benjamin. This company dedicates itself to preserving the memories of American-Jewish soldiers who died in battle during World War II. Their mission is to locate Jewish soldiers who were mistakenly buried under Latin Crosses which incorrectly represented their heritage. Once pinpointing the sources, they correct the mistake and bring an overwhelming sense of peace and comfort to the families of the fallen soldiers. With the pandemic coming to an end, Lamm is anxious to have his business once again thrive to its fullest potential and have the opportunity to assist many more families. Like businesses, many aspects of society are preparing for the reopening of the country, but with some new trends. Here are some things to expect once life after the pandemic proceeds:

  1. Working Remotely 

Videoconferencing, emailing and working at home. These are examples of adaptations that existed during the pandemic and may not necessarily go out of style anytime soon. People have discovered that they can be productive at home, and, to save money, companies may adopt the work from home lifestyle instead of paying rent for an office building.

  1. Stress on Sanitation

This one should not come as a surprise. Since the entire world simultaneously experienced such a traumatic and life changing event in history, it is no wonder that experts predict that the public will be super cautious about spreading germs. The pandemic has clearly displayed how easy it is for viruses to spread, so the population is now super aware and will take the necessary precautions. 

  1. Wanderlust Spirit

Shalom Lamm is one of many who are planning their summer family vacations. He is so overjoyed with the opportunity to travel that he is wasting no time making plans. Lots of other people feel the exact same way. Expect for flights to be booked and for popular destinations to be overcrowded with tourists. 

  1. A Boost in Online Shopping 

Even though people can once again shop in stores, the convenience of online shopping is too good to pass up. Without leaving your couch, you can select any product and purchase it in a matter of minutes. Definitely expect for people to not give up purchasing things online instead of driving to a store to receive it. 

Shalom Lamm encourages people to take advantage of the pandemic being over. Book a vacation, grab dinner with some friends, go visit your family and spend time with them. This freedom is something that the world craved for many months. Now that the time has finally arrived, we must enjoy every minute of it and be so incredibly thankful that we no longer have to live in fear. While still paying attention to the health and safety of ourselves and our loved ones, it is time to once again live life to the fullest.

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