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Tale Of Two Reactions On Social Media Over Whoopi Goldberg Suspension
Tale Of Two Reactions On Social Media Over Whoopi Goldberg Suspension

Dienstag, The ViewComedy host and cohost Whoopi Goldberg received a suspension of two weeks for remarks she made about Monday’s Holocaust program. During a debate, Goldberg had stated that the Holocaust – which had resulted in the deaths of at least six million Jewish men, women and children – was not actually about race and rather was about “man’s inhumanity to man.”

After facing a significant backlash for those comments, during which Goldberg was told that the Nazi regime had in fact seen the Jews as an inferior race, the co-host apologized – multiple times.

Twitter: Monday’s apology was made by her, then she repeated the apology in Tuesday’s broadcast. The ViewWhen she was with Jonathan Greenblatt from Anti-Defamation League, she explained that the Holocaust wasn’t about race.

However, despite the apologies, Goldberg’s suspension was announced by ABC following Tuesday’s broadcast.

Too Little Punishment

Many social media commentators felt that the two-week suspension was too short, particularly considering other celebrities who were subject to much more severe sanctions for their views on similar topics.

Brigitte Gabriel, author of ACTBrigette was one of those to note that Rosanne Barr (ACTBrigette), and Gina Carano were both fired because they made past comments. Gabriel wrote, “Roseanne was fired over a tweet. Gina Carano was fired over an Instagram posting. Whoopi Goldberg: Makes racist/anti-Semitic remarks about the Holocaust and receives a handcuff. Liberal privilege exists!

Gina Carano, who compared Covid’s restrictions with the Nazi social stratification was kicked out of Hollywood. Whoopi Goldberg claimed that the Holocaust was not about race, and was given a two week break,” wrote writer Libby Emmons at @libbyemmons.

Eric July (EricDJuly), the host of “For Canon Sake”, tweeted that “ABC suspended Whoopi Goldberg’s appearance on The View for two weeks after backlash over her statement “The Holocaust wasn’t about Race.” Gina Carano gets satirical on Twitter: “Two weeks for slowing the double standard.” You can watch the full clip LIVE on YouTube!

“Keep in mind — Gina Carano lost her job after she dared post a picture showing what was really happening in pre WWII Germany to Jews. Neighbor turned on neighbor. This was what she warned of. She did not post anything that was anti-Semitic. Joe Pags Pagliarulo of syndicated talkshow JoeTalkShow wrote, “What Whoopi said was,”

“Whoopi Goldberg said WHAT!” The Holocaust! She says some ignorant, racist thing on TV, Reads a forced apology & all is well… but Roseanne, Gina Carano & Sharon Osbourne get CANCELLED. “And people pretend there is no Liberal bias Hollywood,” said Andy Signore, @andysignore, co-creator and host of Honest Trailers.

Inexpensive Punishment

There have been many comments on social media – including from noted conservative voices – that argued that the suspension of Goldberg wasn’t even necessary, given that she had apologized and admitted she was wrong on the issue.

“With pay? “With pay?” What does it matter? This smells suspiciously like ABC cancel culture. Or at most dank hypocrisy. It’s a cheap way for the public to ignore the true problem. “Whatevs, ABC sends Whoopi away for two weeks,” tweeted conservative author Ed Morrissey.

Former Illinois Republican Congressman William Walsh (@WalshFreedom), posted “.@WhoopiGoldberg was not guilty. She voiced an uninformed opinion. After being informed, she apologized. She then apologized. @abcnews, you are a scumbag for suspending your daughter. A suspension??? It is a strange, timid and stupid world that we live in.”

“Whoopi was wrong, but she got it, and she apologised. What does a suspension do? The executives just seem ready to indulge a lust after punishment, even though nobody’s lusting,” said Josh Barro (@jbarro), author and host of the podcast “Very Serios”.

Talk radio host Jason Rantz (@jasonrantz) was even more direct, “The timing of the Whoopi Goldberg suspension… doesn’t make sense. Even if she has already apologized why should we take her off-air? Fire her if she did something that was offensive. “If not, then what is the point?”

Final takeaway: This issue could have even sparked real discussion about how certain people can be cancelled easily, while other individuals may find it easier to accept comments and suggestions they might not like.

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