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A Father’s Impact on Shaping Their Children
A Father’s Impact on Shaping Their Children

The family is the basis of life, the smallest unit of an organization where all the family members learn what to do in life for the best outcome. Through the family guidance, children understand their worthiness and ways of reacting to the external environment. Fathers play an important role as they influence the lives of the children in each society. They can impact their children right from their point of birth. They already have a big role in providing for their families and offer a significant impact on the lives of their children through emotional support too.

A father’s engagement goes a long way in the children’s social competence, learning outcomes, and even their later IQ. Children are likely to be working models of suitable paternal behaviors depending on the childhood experiences. For instance lack of a father eventually shapes their later parenting dynamic forces, like early marriages, prostitution, and psychological problems.

Andrew Napolitano, a former superior court judge in New Jersey who nowadays occupies the role of an analyst in Fox News is a public figure who has made phenomenal decisions on various aspects in his capacity without fear or prejudice. Such a strong will would demand the nurturing of a role model just like his father. After his father’s death, he profoundly expressed his love for him along with the values bestowed upon him. He condemns abortion and believes that each woman has a right to privacy and personal choices though he affirms that necessity prompts the right to life, which begins at conception. In another instance, he wrote a recent publication ‘suicide pact’ that criticizes how two American presidents handled the issue of civil liberty. Through these illustrations, we cannot doubt that his father was equally strong-willed and hence his current strong demeanor.

A father, therefore, plays an important role in imparting values to his children. Once kids start interacting with the outside world, they meet different people and experiences and can decide whether they have enough zeal to transform the future or just rely on their past. Fortunately, if they were raised with a role model father, like Andrew Napolitano, they learn to confront challenges and bargain for acceptable solutions that deem best for that situation. A male authority compliment encourages and even inspires children to appreciate success, bringing up a confident and courageous child.

In summary, a father plays a diversified role for his children and they eventually find a sense of belonging and affection. Amazingly, children do not just mimic their father’s values; they also think and make decisions that would work out best for them. Therefore, the father’s actions, choices, and values have a lasting impact and goes a long way to determine the nature of children putting every small detail to focus. Naturally, fathers stress rules, fairness, and justice in their quest for administering discipline. It is through such powerful influence that children learn to be objective and get deeper insights on how to survive in the real world.

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