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How to Effortlessly Plan Your Instagram Content with Combin Scheduler
How to Effortlessly Plan Your Instagram Content with Combin Scheduler

Monthly Instagram users count has recently reached one billion. No wonder that the platform is a proper place for all kinds of influencers, businesses, and entrepreneurs. Aside from all the promotion opportunities, only content is capable of attracting a new audience and, more importantly, make it stay with you on your Instagram page. But sometimes it’s challenging to plan your content manually. Scheduling posts and stories in bulk is easier with a free Instagram planner – Combin Scheduler

What is Combin Scheduler?

Combin Scheduler is a desktop app for automated publishing Instagram posts and stories. With the app, users are able to create a beautiful Instagram feed and schedule their content in advance in the meantime enjoying the easy-to-use interface and the distinct of its features. 

How to plan Instagram content with the app?

Regular users who take pictures on their phones can easily upload posts via the native app, especially if they do it rarely. But businesses or bloggers simply need solutions for automated publishing. And since Instagram desktop does not allow uploading posts and stories, photographers or other bloggers who take photos with professional cams want to effortlessly share their art without saving the pictures back and forth through devices. 

Combin Scheduler allows sharing posts from your PC and planning them for days, weeks, and even months ahead. If you want to share something with your audience immediately, you can easily do it as well. Just upload a photo or video, write a caption if you wish to, and select a publishing date. Then you’re free to do something more important and be sure that your post will be automatically published without a reminder. 

In a caption, you can tag any other Instagram account and add hashtags to promote your publication. The app offers a bunch of templates of captions with thematic hashtags. The caption allows you to write 2,200 characters in accordance with Instagram rules, which is very convenient for those brands and users who love writing long stories on Instagram. This is not that easy to do from the smartphone. 

Adding a location tag will help you grab the attention of those living in the area. 

If your photo appears not to fit the Instagram standard ratios, use the crop and zoom features to adjust the multimedia. Right within the app, you can alter the size to square, vertical, portrait, and landscape. 

Instagram is a visual social network, so the decision whether or not to follow you often depends on how your account looks like. Typically, famous Instagram accounts have some concept or theme. Within the in-app calendar in Combin Scheduler, you can control and style the grid of your content. 

In-bulk stories publishing is another time-saving feature of the app. You probably already know that most of Instagram users are more likely to watch stories than scroll the feed. And users themselves are more willing to share stories rather than posts because stories let people show their life as it is. Plus, entertaining masks and effects are available to use. 

With Combin Scheduler, you can easily share multiple stories with your audience in one click. Just drag and drop the pictures and set the time you want them to show up. You can schedule multiple stories at a time. 

The bottom line

Bloggers and marketers who create Instagram content regularly spend loads of time on planning posts and stories. Sadly, Instagram tends to make things complicated, so it’s vital for businesses and influencers to adapt and use third-party tools to make their work more effective.  

Sometimes it’s hard or even impossible to publish all of these manually, so apps like Combin Scheduler are ready to assist. Try the app now for free to save your time for more important things and forget about Instagram publishing for a while. 

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