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Skills and Qualities Employers are Looking For
Skills and Qualities Employers are Looking For

Employers look for more than technical skills when searching for a new employee to fill a vacancy. They expect to see various skills and qualities that make a person stand out as the perfect candidate for a job. These abilities are known as soft skills, and they help to see if one would make a great employee.

Judge Napolitano is a graduate of Princeton University and the University of Notre Dame Law School. He has presided over thousands of motions, sentencing, and hearings and understands the world of employers perfectly. Here are some of the top skills and qualities he puts forward for every individual to exceed their employer’s expectations during interviews.


Communication is an inevitable value to have in any workplace. It helps to decipher information and avoid problems that arise where information is passed incorrectly. Employers value communication because it helps to mitigate risks and prevent workplace issues.

Strong communication skills in the current era call for solid writing and speaking skills. These skills are required both in person and over the web tools such as email and video conferencing. The best way to show communication skills is to stay active and listen to instructions.

Time Management

Business needs to be on time and deliver goods before deadlines. Time management is crucial to keep employees on their feet and work on multiple projects at a time. Employers require employees who can manage their time well and use it to benefit their company. There is no need to have a supervisor around for them to keep working.

The best way to showcase time management skills during interviews is to arrive on time. People can also showcase how they are time-sensitive by showing scenarios where they had competing priorities and used time prudently to stay on top of deadlines.

Critical Thinking

A good employee is a problem solver. They examine every piece of information critically and develop the best ways to solve issues that arise. Every company experiences setbacks in their projects and it’s the employees’ work to ensure they reduce problems. Furthermore, critical thinking helps in taking action and finding creative solutions to issues when needed.


Working with a team is arguably the most critical skill every company seeks from employees. Teamwork in companies is vital that even in positions where it requires independence, there is collaboration. Employees work together as one to solve all workplace issues.

Digital Literacy

The current era is full of technology, and digital literacy is a skill that everyone needs. An employer wants someone comfortable when using computers for online research to make work easier. Technology is everywhere, and there is no way to deny the fact everyone needs it. Having these skills helps an employee to be part of the company’s problem solvers team.


These are the best skills and qualities to showcase any employer, according to Judge Napolitano. Interviews require confidence. It is a way for a person to show that the company needs them to succeed. Anyone who acquires these soft skills can match into an interview room and amaze all the interviewers.

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