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Steps to Creating a Professional Profile on Job Search Websites
Steps to Creating a Professional Profile on Job Search Websites

Helen Lee Schifter, the former Wall Street Arbitrage trader and Conde Nast and Hearst editor, as far as careers go, was taught by her mentors to always be prepared. She as well as other professionals stress the importance of having a professional online profile that will capture an employer’s attention and seem unique and authentic. 

Although most opportunities come to those who stick a job out for several years, Schifter highly recommends that at the same time, people assume their next job is just around the corner. And for professionals, that means having a professional profile on job search websites.

So what are the primary steps you should take? First the basics. One of the top tips is to highlight the skills you have to offer. This may sound obvious, but it’s critically important that you think from an employer’s point of view.

Imagine you are at a job interview and the interviewer asks you why we should hire you? Try to come up with 6 or 7 bullet points that highlight skills your prospective may need. If it’s working for a printer or publisher, design skills may be very important. So list your skills in direct proportion to your prospective employer’s needs.

Step three is to edit your profile so that it is very clearly written. Use Grammarly or some other source to get rid of all unnecessary words.

Step three is to proofread everything, several times over. You may have a degree from Harvard, but if you make spelling errors, people will notice. If the website allows you to use a headshot and you choose to do so, make sure that it looks professional.

Also, pay attention to your contact information. You should have both a telephone number and an email address. And regarding the email address, make sure it is professional. 

Finally, keep your online profile updated. If you have changed jobs or moved, don’t forget to reflect that in your resume.

Consider LinkedIn

Helen Lee Schifter is in favor of people having a LinkedIn profile because while a resume is nice, it doesn’t leave room to talk about your hobbies and to highlight your personality.

Think of a LinkedIn profile as a resume extension. And just because you happen to have a passion for motorcycle racing, rescuing puppies or whatever floats your boat, when you include some of your hobbies and passions, you sound like a real individual that people would consider hiring.

Another advantage of using LinkedIn is that it is a tremendous source for networking. Particularly if you are not looking for a new job immediately, what could be better than to network with people in the industry you are interested in.

One key with your LinkedIn profile is to concentrate on your major accomplishments as soon as possible. Recruiters looking to contact possible candidates do not have the time to leisurely go through your own profile with leisure. Consequently, if you have won an award or recently been recognized, don’t bury that until the very end.

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