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The Top 10 Link in Bio Tools You Should Be Using
The Top 10 Link in Bio Tools You Should Be Using

Do you use a link in bio tool to support your social media marketing efforts? If not, you should! Link in bio tools are extremely important and effective for any brand trying to get web traffic and sales on social platforms — and it’s important to find the best tool for you.

Many major social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok, only let you place one URL in your bio. For brands with lots of content to share, this poses a problem. With only one link available, you can’t simultaneously promote more than one product or piece of content. And you’ll spend lots of valuable time painstakingly changing that single link in your bio. How can you manage multiple marketing campaigns at the same time?

That’s where link in bio tools come in. With a link in bio tool, you can add an URL to your bio that directs your followers to a landing page containing multiple links. On this page, you can link as many webpages as you’d like — including your website, other social media platforms, and more. Then you can send your Instagram followers out to engage with your brand on all of these other platforms, too.

For brands with big marketing goals, link in bio tools are a lifesaver! Optimizing your bio link can ensure you don’t miss out on any marketing opportunities. And luckily, there are plenty of link in bio tools out there for you to try. Here are the top 10 tools you should be using for social media marketing for your brand.

Features is packed with helpful features for brands. This link in bio tool lets you add as many links to your custom landing page as you’d like. “Animate” the links to help them stand out or prioritize the link that’s most important to you. You can customize your landing page with colors and themes and choose how you want the landing page to be laid out, too. 

Hide the logo, upload a profile photo, add links to your other social media platforms, and schedule your links. And finally, you can also see your clicks, views, and click-through rate and how these metrics change over time. You can also add UTM parameters to your link to make it trackable with Google Analytics. 

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Pricing is 100% free.


Create your own custom landing page and display multiple links to your followers with offers unlimited links and lets you add your other social media profiles. The landing page is elegant and sophisticated, and you can edit the links anytime by logging into on any browser or device. also places a priority on security by using the official Instagram API and never asking for your IG password. 

This platform also has a section for brands and agencies where you can manage accounts for multiple influencers or companies at the same time. You’ll be able to access individual analytics and stats for each one. However, these plans can get pricey fast. 

Pricing has eight separate payment plans for businesses and agencies:

  • Free
  • Pro — monthly ($.099 per month)
  • Pro — lifetime ($9.99 per lifetime)
  • Pro — whitelabel ($24.99 per lifetime)
  • Agent ($1.99 per month)
  • Agency ($4.99 per month)
  • Business ($9.99 per month)
  • Premium ($49.99 per year)



This well-known platform has a lot of helpful features for brands. You can create a custom URL with as many links as you’d like and customize the theme of your landing page. Then pop the link in your Instagram bio and keep an eye on its analytics. Linktree is a popular link in bio tool, so your followers will likely be familiar with the platform.

However, Linktree does have a few drawbacks. The majority of this tool’s customization options and analytics are solely available on the paid plan. You also can’t remove the Linktree logo unless you pay. And in the past, Instagram’s spam filter has marked Linktree links as spam, removing Linktree links from user bios. 


Linktree’s free plan gives you unlimited links, a few options for themes, and the ability to upload your own profile picture. As far as analytics, you’re also able to see the number of lifetime views on your link. But for all other features — such as advanced analytics, customization options, the ability to schedule links, and more — you’ll need the Pro plan, which costs $6 per month. 



Campsite is a linking tool made for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Campsite gives you unlimited links and lets you tweak colors and fonts to match your branding. You can add your social accounts, pin the most important link at the top of the list, and archive links to restore later if needed, in addition to embedding your Campsite profile on your website.

And if you opt for the paid plan, you also get access to features such as analytics, integrations, animated links, custom images, and stock photos. The paid Campsite plan is a good choice for agencies, as it allows you to manage three separate Campsite profiles simultaneously. 

Unfortunately, Campsite does have a few cons. This tool doesn’t allow you to add videos like some other link in bio tools do. And on the free plan, you can only add images that are already in your IG feed.


Campsite has two plans: one that’s forever free, and one that costs $7 per month. by Later

Features is a tool created by Later to help drive more web traffic to your brand. With this tool, you have two options: Create a landing page with a list of links, or create a landing page with your Instagram grid where every photo is clickable. (You can even add multiple links to a single photo and connect your Shopify store to tag products on posts!) 

Later tracks your analytics from this landing page, including simple stats like clicks and pageviews and more comprehensive metrics like your Shopify sales. is one of the most advanced bio link tools out there. Unfortunately, however, this is reflected in the cost.

Pricing Lite is free with Later’s Premium plan ($19 per month). Lite offers you one link per post, with analytics provided but no Shopify integration. Standard is more advanced, with a Shopify integration and more — this plan can range up to $192 per year.



Contactinbio lets you create a microlanding page for your social media profiles. On the free plan, you can add links (including your other social media profiles and any payment links, like PayPal or Stripe); customize the design of the page; add a contact form; add text; and add music services. The premium plan of Contactinbio also offers videos, images, an email signup form, and more.


Contactinbio has a free plan and a Premium plan, with the Premium plan costing $7 a month. Agencies can opt for a higher tier plan that’s $28/month and allows you to simultaneously manage five accounts. 

Sked Link


Created by Sked Social, Sked Link is an Instagram bio tool that helps you make the most of the single URL you’re allowed. Make your own shoppable bio link with a list of CTA buttons, moving the links around however you choose. Or choose the Gallery feature to share a clickable Instagram grid. 

You can also customize the landing page to make sure it’s on-brand, although Sked doesn’t offer as many customization features as comparable bio tools. Track your analytics with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. Finally, Sked prides itself on loading your landing page faster than other platforms so users won’t get tired of waiting and click away. 


Sked Link is integrated with the broader Sked Social program, so to use it, you’ll need to sign up for Sked Social. After a seven-day free trial, the lowest plan is $25 per month, with options running up to the Enterprise level at $260 each month. 

Tap Bio


While Tap Bio doesn’t offer as many advanced features as other tools, it’s still a good way to optimize the link in your Instagram bio. Tap Bio works by providing different cards that you can customize. Then your followers can swipe through those cards to access your various links and webpages. Tap Bio has premade templates you can use for the cards, and the platform tracks basic analytics, too. 


Use Tap Bio for free or pay $5 – $12 per month for additional features and cards.

Milkshake App


Milkshake lets you quickly create a beautiful landing page that gathers all of your relevant links into one place for your followers to peruse. Similarly to Tap Bio, Milkshake uses cards to list your links; users can swipe through the cards just like they swipe through Instagram Stories. Customize the look of each card and add your information. Then stick the link in your bio and use Insights to see how it’s working. 

The biggest drawback? Milkshake doesn’t have a desktop version — this tool is only available as an app. So if you prefer the ease of creating your bio link on the computer, Milkshake probably isn’t the tool for you.


Milkshake is free to use.

Link in Profile


To add a link to your Link in Profile landing page, you can either use this tool’s dashboard, or paste a link into the caption of your Instagram post. Create a branded landing page with these links (as many links as you’d like) and include commerce links to make more sales. Then analyze your traffic sources to learn how well the tool is working. 


Link in Profile has a 30-day free trial. After the trial, the Personal Plan costs $9.99 a month. 

Choose the Best Link in Bio Tool

Link in bio tools can go a long way to help your Instagram marketing efforts succeed. And with so many options out there, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect tool that works for you. Pick the best link in bio tool for your needs and take your Instagram marketing to the next level! 

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