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Digital Marketing Fundamentals
Digital Marketing Fundamentals

A reporter once asked one of the Forbes 100 wealthiest men what the key was to obtaining wealth. The man answered, “create a product to fill a need, and then sell it.” It sounds incredibly simple at first, but once expounded upon, this process can become daunting and discouraging. However, if you can create a product to fill a need, there are others ready to assist you to sell it. Most of it comes down to marketing.

How will you connect with the people you’re trying to sell your product to? With so many businesses and entities going online now, digital marketing is becoming more and more popular and effective. There are many different mediums in which you can market your product, here we will discuss some of the more popular avenues.

Social Media:

Facebook alone has over 2.6 billion monthly users. Especially due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak, many people were stuck at home scrolling through social media and other forms of entertainment. This is an incredible resource to be used. Because of modern day technology and “cookies,” social media can now create a personalized profile for their accounts and give them advertisements catered towards their interests.

Word of Mouth:

Arguably the best of all marketing. Why? Because it’s completely free. If you can get friends and family to talk about your product, the word is being spread without you having it force it or pay for it. If this continues, people will visit your store fronts or websites. They will seek you out, instead of vice-versa. This result can come from a variety of different means; however, the best way is to pinpoint your target market and focus on connecting with them. Dependent on your product, this will appear differently. If your target market is an older generation, it’s more likely that they’ll be watching Hallmark or Golf than scrolling through Instagram or watching Twitch. Make sure you’re reaching the right people.

Have a Website:

Is a social media account enough? Simply put, no. Your social media account and social media advertisements should direct those you’re trying to connect with to a Website or store front. People are searching for a simple, quick, and easy way to buy a product. If it’s too complicated, they’ll lose interest and you’ll lose business. Your account or advertisement should be linked to your personalized and professional looking website. There, they should be able to buy products or hire out services. If you’ve never created a website, that’s fine.

As I previously mentioned, there are people there to help you. Companies such as Visibility Park are there to help you set up and maintain your Website and provide professional advice as to how you could better the digital face of your company. Visibility Park can help you get up and going, the right way, right out of the gate.

Once you have your product idea, you need to get the word out. Find those you’re trying to reach, connect with them through the desired avenues, and funnel them into your Website. From there, all you’ll have to worry about is shipping.

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