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Learn Email Marketing From DJ Waldow
Learn Email Marketing From DJ Waldow

Probably the best part of writing The Rebel’s Guide To Email Marketing with DJ Waldow was getting to learn more about email marketing than I probably ever cared to know. Sure, I’d been advising clients on email marketing and devising content strategies that included email marketing for some time, but to sit down with DJ and carve out a whole book about the subject was an awesome infusion of knowledge and excitement. He knows his stuff!

It turns out, you have a chance to get that kind of infusion, too!

DJ has turned his years of knowledge on email marketing into an awesome online course — with each lesson entry kicked off with a convenient email reminder — called Email Marketing Made Simple that you should certainly consider taking. It’s perfect for the beginner and relative new email marketer, or anyone having trouble growing your lists, integrating email marketing and social media, figuring out how and how often to test and more.

The course is $300, but being DJ’s co-author and all, I’ve been able to snag a discount for Social Media Explorer readers! Register for the course over at WaldowSocial and use the discount code FALLS100 when checking out. You’ll get $100 off the full price and be able to take the six-lesson online course for just $200!

Each of the six lessons contains three screencast videos roughly 45 minutes long. DJ is actually going to walk you through how to become a successful email marketer. That’s hard to beat. (And you get a signed copy of the book, too!)

Sign up now at WaldowSocial. Don’t forget to use the FALLS100 code when checking out!

Note: As DJ’s co-author, I am an affiliate for his course. The links provided are affiliate links. If you’d rather not I benefit from the transaction, this link is not of the affiliate variety.

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