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The Future of Eyewear
The Future of Eyewear

The global eyewear market is expected to reach $172 billion in 2028, up from $115 billion in 2021.  Consumer shopping habits have changed.  Where people used to buy new eyeglasses every few years, many people are purchasing multiple pairs in a single year.  Corrective eyewear accounted for 55% of total market volume in 2020 due to increased reliance on electronic screens during the pandemic.  Blue light filtering glasses grew in popularity due to computer vision syndrome.  Other popular types of protective lens coatings include UV protection, scratch resistance, anti-fog, and anti-reflection.  The longer corrective lenses are a need, the more innovation and technology providers will invest into the product.  Smart glasses are a product of science fiction not far from the shelves today. Let’s learn more about the future of eyewear below.

Another major trend occurring in the eyewear industry is replacement lenses.  Rather than purchasing a new pair of glasses, savvy consumers are paying for new lenses to be inserted into frames they already own.  This practice is less expensive than buying a new pair of glasses would be.  It allows consumers to hold onto their favorite lenses for longer.  No longer do they need to alter their personal style thanks to an updated prescription.  These lenses can include single vision, lined bifocal, progressive bifocal, or trifocal styles, with costs varying by need. 

Replacing lenses doesn’t have to be a hassle, nor does it have to be costly.  No matter an individuals’ vision needs, eyewear doesn’t have to be expensive.  Lenses are replaceable. Your vision aid is not. Learn more about the future of eyewear in the infographic below.

Looking Up. The Future of Eyewear Is Shining Bright

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