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Vaping Culture is Contextualized on Social Media
Vaping Culture is Contextualized on Social Media

Social media was once the purview of quick updates for friends and family. Now, it’s used for many other purposes, including giving businesses a presence in a larger arena, which gives them access to their clients and prospective clients.

It can be used to create context around vape use and to build a local community. This relatively new phenomenon has taken off in the last several years. If you want to establish a social media presence for vaping in your area, here’s some information that can help you get started.

How it Works

Log into Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms. It should be relatively easy to conduct research in your area. No doubt you’ll find negative and positive reviews of e-cigs and vape flavors, and tips on cloud chasing locally.

Three types of people post this type of content:

  • Vapers looking to share their experiences
  • Proponents who are passionate about vaping and who wish to educate people on the benefits. They make great brand ambassadors.
  • Marketers looking to drive traffic to various sites

These influencers all impact buying choices.

Celebrity Endorsements

Influential people who vape draw the attention of those who already partake or who are curious to try it. For example, Austin Lawrence is known for his tricks with neon vape. His videos show him manipulating vape through his nose and seem to defy physics. He gets thousands of views.

When perusing social media for vape stories and clicks, keep an open but skeptical mind. Consider whether you can trust the source — there are many opponents who would like to see the industry fail. For those who are curious, the best thing to do is try it for themselves and add their experiences to inform the narrative. It’s easy enough to order from a reliable online vape vendor.

Why Do People Like Vaping?

People take up vaping for many reasons. Many vapers feel they are less harmful than cigarettes. Although they can only be sold to adults age 18 years old or older, liquids with nicotine come with warning labels. You can certainly find a lot more photos of vaping teens than those with cigarettes in their hands.

Vape liquid is also cheaper than cigarettes. Although it’s gone mainstream, there’s still a certain stigma attached to using vaping liquids. Perhaps that’s why so many tweets and posts reference intriguing names, such as “Stoned Smurf” and “Mother’s Milk.”

New users may be surprised at the odd but familiar combination of flavors that involve beer, Red Bull, butter, bacon, espresso, and other flavor options. Coming up with new flavors is one of the biggest challenges facing the industry.

What’s Driving Vape Usage and Social Media Coverage?

study credits the constant variety of e-juices to the continued publicity that feeds the industry.

Also, vape-centered social media and the associated videos, blogs, and pictures portray the practice as fashionable. Thus, vaping is now a cool thing to do. You may be able to find a local lounge with vape lovers who gather to watch video tricks, share tips and tricks on new brands and socialize. Chances are you’ll be able to track them down on social media.

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