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5 Social Media Hacks For Electricians
5 Social Media Hacks For Electricians

Every electrician relies on his or her ability to reach the target market not only to stay afloat but also to thrive in today’s highly competitive business environments. To do this, electricians had to conduct a market wide research in order to know where their prospective customers spent most of their time. Luckily, you don’t have to do a market research today to know that most of your customers will visit a social media platform at least once in a day. All you need, therefore, is to know how to take advantage of the platforms in order to reap the most from them.

Here are 5 simple social media hacks that electricians could use to boost their sales:

Display customer testimonials and reviews

Almost every consumer today starts his or her purchasing journey online. This means that most of your clients will first check you out online by searching for something like “electrician near you” before contacting you or placing an order. Before ordering your services, however, the prospect will depend on the word of your previous customers to know whether you will serve them satisfactorily. This makes it important for you to encourage your customers to rate your services and leave positive feedback whenever they are happy with your work. Once the customer has left a feedback and rated your service delivery, display the reviews on your Facebook and Twitter timelines to allow your followers to check them out and react to them.

Keep all your accounts’ information up to date

Most people tend to use one or two social media channels more than they do the others. For instance, you might find yourself more active on Twitter and Instagram than you are on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. While such a trend is harmless, it is imperative to ensure that all the information on each of your business accounts is up to date even if you rarely post on a channel. This means that you have to update your phone numbers, email addresses, or office location every time they change.

Never underestimate the power of B2B

While it is common knowledge that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most popular social media platforms, it is imperative for an electrician to maintain an active LinkedIn account in order to network with other business owners. LinkedIn provides the best platform for electricians looking to land big commercial projects because it allows users to post resumes and interact with executives and senior managers responsible for the operation of their firms.

Make sure your content is right for each platform

Each social media platform is known for certain distinctive attributes. As an electrician looking to boost online conversions, you must curate your content in a manner that appeals to each of the platforms’ users. For instance, you could use Instagram to display your previous work and share your blogs on Twitter. Additionally, you can engage prospects on Twitter by sharing useful information such as safety precautions when using electrical appliances. You can also share videos and images on both Twitter and Facebook to educate your followers further on matters to do with electricity and electrical appliances’ use.

Build a network

The main objective of any marketing campaign is to widen a market by reaching more prospects and increasing conversions. When using social media, every electrician must be able to attract followers and build a network of people who contribute to his or her posts. To do this as an electrician, you must remain relevant, helpful, and interesting. This may require using the conventional promotional methods such as rewarding people who share your posts, creating contests for your followers, or having exclusive discounted packages for the followers. This will encourage the followers to share your social media posts and place an order whenever they need your services instead of using Google to find an “electrician near you”.

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