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4 Tips to Help You Advertise Your Talent on Social Media
4 Tips to Help You Advertise Your Talent on Social Media

Whether you are a college grad looking for an office job or a truck driver looking for a good haul, there are plenty of opportunities for you online just waiting to be found. Businesses are relying more and more on social media to both advertise their job openings and find potential candidates for different positions. On top of that, social media is also a good place to meet well-connected people in your chosen fields. These are individuals who might not be making hiring decisions themselves, but who can introduce you to the people who do make these decisions.

For these and other reasons, learning how to advertise your talent and look for opportunities on social media is worth your effort. And if you want to improve your chances of being offered job opportunities thanks to your social media profiles, here are some tips that can help.

1 – Stay sharp

It’s important to keep your social media profiles clean, straightforward, and professional when you are using them to try and find work. From the photos you post to your profile description and even your online username, everything should be professional and business-friendly. First impressions count, so go over your profile trying to imagine how a company representative would react seeing these things.

The best way to achieve all of this is to have social media profiles dedicated entirely to your professional life. This allows you to engage in a more relaxed way on your profiles while keeping your professional ones clean. And make sure your niche is immediately apparent the moment someone opens your profile. Writing your interests and the previous job description on your profile bio may seem cliché. If you have experience working as a mobile diesel mechanic Dallas, you don’t want potential employers to have to play detective to find that out.

2 – Make yourself easy to find

One of the advantages of having professional profiles is that you don’t have to worry about privacy too much. The whole point of them is that they should be easy to find and only contain what you are willing to share, so make sure you go into your privacy settings and set all your posts, photos, and your profile itself to “public”. Different platforms have different options, but they all have settings you can change to make your profile easy to find.

Using your real name as your username is also useful. This not only makes your profile look more professional, but it increases the chances that your social media will come up when a potential employer googles your name.

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3 – Create a portfolio

Having an online resume and a portfolio can be very helpful. The more an employer can find out about you without having to ask you for anything, the easier it’ll be for them to get invested in the idea of hiring you for their company. You can put together a portfolio and a resume on your professional account through images and text posts. Or you can just create a dedicated landing page that contains all of that information. There are plenty of free website creation tools that will help you put a landing page together with minimal effort.

4 – Be active and helpful

Being active and helpful in conversations and communities relevant to your field is a good way to be noticed. Don’t be afraid to connect with people who can’t hire you themselves; you never know what opportunities will arise because you met someone who knows someone.

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