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6 Reasons Why Instagram Is A Great Marketing Tool For Your Business
6 Reasons Why Instagram Is A Great Marketing Tool For Your Business

It’s no secret that social media has become a huge part of our lives. According to a recent study, the average person spends 29 minutes per day on social media sites. That may not seem like much time, but consider how many people use these sites (now more than one billion monthly active users worldwide). It’s easy to see why so many companies have shifted their advertising budgets from traditional TV and print ads to digital marketing strategies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So, we’ll explore six reasons why Instagram is a great tool for any business looking to increase brand awareness and drive sales:

1) Visual communication

Instagram is a very visual platform, which makes it great for businesses that are selling products. It’s also an excellent way to tell your story visually- think about what you can show customers that they won’t be able to see on other social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. You’ll want to consider why Instagram is better than any other social media site and make sure the answer is clear.

2) Unique

Since Instagram is a visual platform, it’s easy to stand out and get noticed. You can use unique filters or tools like Boomerang to combine video and photography into one post for added creativity. To do this effectively on any other social media site would be almost impossible- making Instagram the perfect place for creative businesses of all kinds.

3) Authenticity

One of the major reasons Instagram is so successful is that it’s a place where people can connect with others interested in similar things. So, if you have customers that love to cook, for example, they might be more inclined to follow your cooking blog on Instagram versus Facebook or Twitter- which would not necessarily have posted about food.

If you’re not sure what your target audience might be interested in, talk to your current customers. Ask them where they spend time on social media and how often they check their feed- that will give you some insight into the types of posts that drive them crazy (and which ones they love). Instagram is a great way for businesses to get in touch with their customers and create a dialogue that will help you stand out from other brands and get to know your customers on a more personal level.

4) Easy to use

Instagram is easy to set up and get started right away. It’s not like Facebook, where you have to wait for approval- all you need is a business profile, which will allow you to post photos or videos of your products on Instagram with ease. Many social media sites are difficult to use apps, but Instagram is one of the easiest.

5) Growing

The number of users on Instagram is growing exponentially, and there’s no sign that it will stop anytime soon. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 51% of adults in America use social media sites- up from just 35% four years ago. So as more people jump online, many are turning to social media sites like Instagram to stay connected with friends.

6) Simple

Last but not least, Instagram is simple to use. No ads are cluttering up your feed, making it easier for people to follow you and share your posts with their friends. This allows businesses of all sizes to take advantage of this powerful marketing tool in a way that’s easy and doesn’t require any technical knowledge or special skills.

Stay connected through Instagram

Even if you don’t use Instagram as a marketing tool, it’s still a great way for your business to stay connected with current and potential customers just as The Barnes Firm attorneys do. Think about how often someone has sent you something interesting from Instagram or shared their experiences on certain brands they love. This makes it easy to build buzz around your brand and create more awareness.

The fact is, Instagram has become an important platform for any business looking to increase sales through social media- both now and in the future. It’s one of those platforms that customers will rely on even more as time goes by, so it makes sense for businesses large or small to embrace this new trend sooner rather than later.

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