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6 Social Media Marketing Ideas For Yoga Teachers
6 Social Media Marketing Ideas For Yoga Teachers

Are you a yoga teacher trying to figure out the best way to approach your social media marketing? You are aware of the power of social media to help yoga teachers develop their brand, promote their classes, connect with their students and, ultimately, improve their bottom line. 

The most common rhetoric in the yoga world is that people don’t teach yoga to make money, even yogis have to eat, and if you want to continue sharing your gift and teachings with the world, you must learn to use social media to your advantage. With social media, you can promote classes, but also your yoga retreats, your clothes and much more.

1. Create Your Strategy

Having a real strategy on social media is the key to success. It’s easy to post random yoga selfies and then wonder why no one buys private lessons with you. In a world where almost all yoga teachers wave their asanas online, you need to develop a powerful, meaningful and useful social media strategy. 

Whether for very educational advice, to link up collages or to share your lesson schedule, choose between 3 and 5 nuggets of important information that you want to share with your audience, then commit to doing so in a consistent manner, every week.

2. Be Authentic

According to Kirsty Davis from Yoga Training Guide, people don’t like teacher who are “fake” on social media. Have you ever met an Instagram “yoga influencer” in real life and felt shocked at how different they are from their online identity? Social media can engulf all of our humility if we let it go and easily suggest to students that we are nothing more than Barby Dolls (and kens). While social media is a great platform to showcase your physical activity, take the time each week to share something real and honest about who you are, how to become a yoga teacher, and the challenges you face. 

3. Use Hashtags #

Without a doubt one of the most powerful solutions is using good hashtags. Unless you’re completely new to the world of social media, you know the power of the hashtag. Our experts recommend using no more than 11 hashtags per post, and you can optimize the hashtag based on the topic you are posting. You can include your hashtags in the comments section of your posts on Instagram or after your caption. 

Some of the current trendy yoga hashtags include:













Otherwise, you can also reach people in your area. For example, if you are from New York, you can do #yoganewyork. 

4. Be Engaging

Are you a silent lurker on all of these local health and wellness related Facebook and Instagram groups? Let your community know you are here, to your knowledge and curiosity by adding comments, sharing your blogs, posting your products and service offerings and asking thoughtful questions on these platforms. Offline, be sure to post events and workshops you attend or host, indicating both where it is hosted and who you know from the online world. If you are public speaker on health and wellness, make sure you tell people about the events you are speaking at. The more you get involved, the more you build your community and, ultimately, your clientele.

5. Write Meaningful Copy

While a picture is worth a thousand words, just a few words can sometimes transform an image and create a deep feeling of feeling, relationship and inspiration in your followers. Some of the most inspiring yogis on social media are those who are not afraid to question the status quo with their photos and words, who write eloquent poetry or who can describe a yoga pose or experience. If writing isn’t your cup of tea, hire a local copywriter.

6. Promote Yourself

If you are considering the idea of ​​social media at the outset, then maybe the idea of ​​promoting online makes you want to run away. But wait, take a deep breath and listen…Your students are often looking for more, be it workshops, online programs, blogs, retreats, or teacher trainings. They often watch you online, just waiting for the opportunity to get to know you better in real life and learn from you in the real world. We recommend a promotional piece every week. 

Once you have defined your strategy, taken photos, written great copy and put in contact with your target audience, promotion will happen naturally, we promise. Test the waters and if managing your own social media seems distant, join the crowd of yoga teachers who happily outsource this activity to professionals.

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