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The Best Ways to Market Your Commercial Property
The Best Ways to Market Your Commercial Property


Before you start marketing your commercial property, create a real estate marketing strategy to help you track the overall progress of your advertising efforts. A marketing plan also allows you to effectively communicate with prospects, stakeholders, and clients about your project.

In this article, you’ll learn how you can successfully market your commercial real estate property and successfully find potential clients, then convince them to trust your business.

  1. Keep your property customer-ready

Many commercial properties undergo wear and tear. To keep your property in good condition, contract cleaning specialists like The Florida Maids to help give your property the attention it deserves. Below is a list of specific areas you should pay special attention to:

  • Look after your floors to make sure the flooring is always intact
  • Regularly service the HVAC system to ensure functionality and longevity
  • Properly maintain the roofs and ceilings to keep potential leaks at bay
  • Don’t forget your exterior, as that’s what gives the first impression to your prospective customers
  1. Digital marketing

The digital space is vast and full of business opportunities. Take a digital marketing course if you must, but ensure that your real estate business is well placed on the internet. These tips will help you succeed at marketing your commercial real estate online:

Create a business website

Having a website that contains content, videos, and images of your commercial property will help people find you when they click to search.

Embrace social media

Being active on social media platforms enables you to meet a lot of potential clients from different demographics. Before you start marketing, find out where your target clients hang out so that you can interact and create SEO-optimized content and ads that they will see whenever they go online.

Email marketing campaigns

The content in your emails should target your prospects, and it should be what they want to see. Insert links that lead them to your website for more information on the commercial property listing.


Create a blog and generate valuable-packed content that specially targets your commercial real estate business.

Track your metrics

First, select the marketing metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that will help you track the progress of your marketing efforts, such as website visits, impressions, and lead generation. This will help you know what parts of your marketing strategy to improve.

  1. Offline marketing

Off-line marketing is marketing off the internet,a dn may may involve the following: 

Printing a standard marketing flyer

An excellent commercial marketing brochure should contain the following:

  • A location map
  • High-quality photos
  • Property Features
  • Contact information

Cold calling

Cold calling involves monitoring your site visitors and targeting those who might become potential clients, then contacting them by phone calls, messaging, or face-to-face meetings to convince them to buy.

Installing leasing signs

This is a traditional way of marketing where you put up signs near your property to let your prospects know that there’s available space.


Effective marketing introduces any business brand to potential clients and commercial real estate isn’t any different. Acting on the above advertising techniques will help you successfully market your real estate business to a broader audience, setting you up for growth.

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