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An Open Letter from a Millennial to Generation G*
An Open Letter from a Millennial to Generation G*

To Generation G* (a.k.a. The “Grumpy Generation”, a.k.a. our Baby Boomer Bosses);

A reporter in Time magazine recently spoke about Millennials by saying: “Unless you are the boss, no one cares what works best for you.” This kind of rhetoric will no longer be ignored.

We are tired of being treated like children. Time and time again, you have spoken in a condescending manner without realizing what we are capable of doing in response. To the Grumpy Generation, consider this: Millenials will represent 40% of the workforce by 2020. Do you really want to anger the future majority with your empty threats today? Do you seriously think it’s a good idea to ignore the needs of the only pool of talent you’ll have access to in a few years?

And if you won’t meet our needs, we’ll just start our own companies — or drive for Uber until we are comfortable enough to do so.

What We Want


It’s no secret that Millenials can be a bit entitled. Over 72% of us want to be our own boss. We want the freedom to choose when and how we work, as long as we deliver results. Yes, this means that we want to work from home every now and then. As long as we are delivering results, why shouldn’t we be able to have this? Statistics show that people who work from home are 29% more productive than the average cubicle schlub.

While working from home would be nice, this isn’t the only thing we want. We want to create more. We want to build apps, start our own fashion lines and we want to make a difference in the world.

This isn’t all too crazy or far off from what your company can provide for us. In fact, 88% of us would rather collaborate, than compete. USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! Include us in your brainstorming meetings. At least let us feel like we are doing something meaningful, or we just won’t work for you. We’ll just make our money by writing nasty blog articles about your company.

Yes, that’s a thing.

What We Don’t Want

Bullshit like this. The Time article I mentioned earlier goes on to say: “Check your language with your superiors. [Do you use the phrase] ‘No Problem?’ Don’t do this.”


Are you guys serious? Who cares what my language is like as long as I am delivering results. If I just landed your agency a high paying client, the difference between ‘no problem’ and ‘thank you’ is insignificant. Baby Boomers, are you so petty that you value semantics over company results?

We also don’t give a damn about dress code. If Facebook engineers are going to work in sweatpants, so can we. My tie won’t determine how well I pull data for your company or brand. It’s time that Generation Grump stopped caring about such menial things as one’s wardrobe. Why don’t we start tracking professionalism with dollar signs? If I am making your company money, don’t worry about what I am wearing. Leave that to my mother, okay?

In short, we want more freedom. We want to work at our own pace, so we can have time to travel and follow our dreams. Isn’t that what you all wanted once upon a time, G? It’s not too late to make that dream a reality. Together, we can build a better, more productive society (preferably one we can both afford to retire in).


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