Argyle Social Releases White-Label Social Media Management Solution
Argyle Social Releases White-Label Social Media Management Solution
Argyle Social Releases White-Label Social Media Management Solution

Social sharing is the crux of what I do. My daily routine involves going through my feed reader, finding good content and sharing it with those who follow me on Twitter and visit the Social Media Explorer Facebook page. For some time now, I’ve been using Argyle Social to do this (see the video below for a look). The company started as a URL shortener with a strong metrics package to back it up (think only with more metrics and Google Analytics tie-ins). But with a new round of funding in the fall, this tool is quickly becoming more than that.

In December, Argyle Social added a nice social media management component to their sharing tool. You can use it much like CoTweet or HootSuite to manage your social media streams for multiple accounts, all in one dashboard. Today, Argyle Social ramps it up a notch, offering a white-label, agency model to give advertising agencies, public relations firms and digital shops the ability to resell the platform with a custom face.

Essentially, I can sign Social Media Explorer up with an agency account on Argyle, put 3-4 clients on the platform to manage their Facebook and Twitter streams, track conversions and sharing, but do it in the “Social Media Explorer Tool Of Mighty Goodness” or whatever I want to call it. I can even customize each version of Argyle per client. So, say University of Louisville Health Care, can have the UofL Health Care Social Media Management Tool.

Honestly, I haven’t dived into Argyle enough yet to see all that it does well. Because it is tracking and URL-shortener based, they have a robust ability for you to track social conversions. You can file all your Tweets and Facebook promotions to buy your new whiz-bang thing under an Argyle campaign. Every time you share a link to that Whiz Bang Thing conversion page, Argyle tracks the clicks. But you also get some embed code to put on the confirmation page after purchase, so Argyle is better able to track how many people actually convert from social media inbound links rather than search, etc.

CEO Eric Boggs told me it’s because they track multiple touch attribution, not last touch attribution like Google Analytics. I’m not technically skilled enough to explain that, but using cookie tracking, their conversion page code is able to say, “This person came here once before using our Argyle link. It’s a social conversion.”

The point is that your metrics and measurement geeks will probably love the fact this tool is built on an analytics foundation. Your social media activation team will love it because it has the potential to assign a dollar value to their activity. You’ll love it because of all that and more.

An agency account on Argyle is $199 per month. Each sub-client account is $110 and the more you buy, the cheaper they get. Custom private labeling and custom URLs are included in the main subscription price. You can private label the service labeling (so your Tweets can be posted by, “SME’s Tool of Mighty Goodness”) for a one-time fee of $500.

And for a little bit more behind the Argyle curtain, here’s a look at how I use the tool.

And for the sake of the skeptics out there, I was an early Beta tester for Argyle Social. I have had a free account (for single, not client, use) ever since. Beyond that, there is no relationship, financial or otherwise, between me/SME and Argyle Social. I use the tool because it’s useful to me. I like Eric and Adam, the guys behind it, a lot, but didn’t really know them before. It’s just a good tool. And it might be good for your needs, too.

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Jason Falls
Jason Falls is the founder of Social Media Explorer and one of the most notable and outspoken voices in the social media marketing industry. He is a noted marketing keynote speaker, author of two books and unapologetic bourbon aficionado. He can also be found at
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  • Great video! Very informative. Thanks!

  • Jason, I realize this post is from a little while back, but it’s great and so is your walkthrough! In researching social media management tools Argyle Social’s Agency platform STILL stands out, even five months after launch. And their white-label capabilities seem to be second to none.

  • I have not decided which route to recommend for the agency I work for, a social media listening tool, a social media content management tool, or an all in one package. Any recommendations along the lines of “start small” or anything when getting into the 3rd party software packages?

    • Jeff – we offer a social listening, intelligence and engagement tool which has many features geared towards agencies (white label, multiple client accounts with access permissions, collaboration+workflow). Would be happy to show you a demo!


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  • At the risk of sounding stupid, where's this video? I didn't find a link.

  • Thanks for the kind words Jason! In case you're curious, I recently posted a more detailed explanation of the last-touch vs. multi-touch social conversion tracking on the Argyle blog. It's a topic that a lot of people don't understand, but it's really one of the biggest issues in measuring the efficacy of any social media marketing campaign.


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