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Social Media Explorer’s industry-leading insights platform reaches a unique audience of professional communicators, brand managers, marketing and public relations executives, social media practitioners and technology industry startup entrepreneurs, investors and enthusiasts. For companies wishing to reach those audiences with their message, SME has very economical advertising opportunities that many brands have been capitalizing on for some time.

Our Audience

Because Social Media Explorer has been defined as a marketing, public relations, advertising and social media blog from its onset, we have built an audience that largely consists of marketing managers, brand managers, public relations account managers, journalists and middle- to upper-level management positions in the communications industry. Because we often review tools and products in the technology and communications industries, we also seem to attract a fair number of startup entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, analyst firms and the like. From agency side to brand side and members of the media, our audience includes decision-makers at large and small businesses and brands and those who recommend communications and marketing services to decision-makers.

Furthering the notion that this audience comprises Social Media Explorer’s readers, the blog is recognized and rated among the tops in related industries, including:

  • Top 20 Advertising Age Power 150 Blog (Ranked as high as No. 1)
  • Top 5 Postrank Top PR Blogs (2009, 2010)
  • Top-30 Postrank Top Blogs (marketing, social media – 2009, 2010)
  • Junta42 Top 40 Content Marketing Blogs
  • Cision Top 30 Social Media Marketing Blogs

Reach An Influential Audience Online

  • 116,000+ page views per month among 93,000 visitors
  • Considered one of the top blogs for social media marketing analysis
  • First read for brand managers, public relations managers and C-level executives at medium- to large-corporations investing in social media marketing

Audience Statistics:

  • Male: 54% male
  • Affluent: 38% HHI $100k + per yr
  • Mature: 64% age 35+; 28% age 50+
  • Intellectual: 22% post-graduate education
  • Global: 50% U.S. Audience

Our Policy

Because of our status as a trusted resource for information about the social media and digital marketing space, Social Media Explorer must be discerning in our approval of advertisers on the site. We will not unwittingly promote just anything to our audience. That audience trusts us and their trust is paramount to maintaining our status as thought leaders and a resource. ¬†Therefore, we do not accept advertising from products or services that are A) Irrelevant to the audience or B) Products we wouldn’t use ourselves. Our approval process may include reaching out to you in order to learn more about your product or service.

Featured Posting

For startup companies and adventuresome marketers who wish to provide a featured post to Social Media Explorer in exchange for a crafty link back to your thing, we won’t say “no” outright, but we seldom say “yes” anymore. In order to get our attention for featured posts, these general criteria will need to be met:

  • The post most be an original and previously non-published piece, focused on the social media, public relations, advertising, marketing, digital marketing or online communications space. We don’t write about gadgets and you won’t guest post about them, either. We don’t care if you’re launching a campaign. We may care about post-campaign metrics and learnings.
  • The post cannot be one-sided, pro-brand or company or overly promotional in our opinion. If you’re sharing a case study, we want the good and bad. If you don’t provide it, we may add it, but will likely not use the post at all.
  • The post must give our audience an intellectual stimulant … push the thinking, question the status quo or make people debate or discuss an issue. We don’t do How-Tos or Top 10s much anymore. Make it smart.
  • For those of you looking for a cheap link, the website we link to needs to have some relevance to social media, public relations, advertising, marketing, digital marketing or online communications. It makes no relevant sense why someone selling auto parts or diet drugs or college guides would contribute to a social media blog (unless it’s a social media case study, which we’d rather write) and even less sense as to why we would link to you.
  • Each guest poster must provide a 70X100 head shot of the author of the post along with a 2-4 sentence bio. The bio may link to online properties of the person and/or his or her company or organization. Don’t get greedy. Two or three links is plenty.

All that said, we’re very particular about guest posts. They need to meet a high standard, even if we’re vague on what that standard is. We will always reserve the right to not use a post, but are polite and will tell you such so you can use it elsewhere. To inquire about a guest post, submit this form:

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