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5 Factors That Make Responsive Web Design Essential For Businesses
5 Factors That Make Responsive Web Design Essential For Businesses

As well as quick click and loading speeds, an eye-catching design, and functionality as standard, a successful website should also be responsive if it’s to draw in users and give customers a great user experience. But what exactly is responsive web design? Let’s take a closer look:

What is responsive web design?

Web design in Calgary that has responsiveness in mind, will involve the building of sites that can automatically adjust their design and content elements to the appropriate scale according to the size of the screen they’re being viewed on. This stops users from having to resize and zoom in and out; annoying but essential actions that have to be taken when viewing a site that’s non-responsive, and which often lead to users abandoning a site and looking elsewhere.

Responsive design also prevents business owners from having to design different websites for different devices that their visitors may choose to use; a lengthy and costly process that can easily be avoided.

Here are 5 factors that make responsive web design essential for all businesses:

  1. It gives users an enhanced experience

A site that a user visits on their mobile device and which doesn’t have good resolution, takes a long time to load, or which is impossible to read without zooming in and out or endlessly scrolling, tells them that their experience isn’t important to you, the business owner.

A website that has been designed responsively will give users and potential customers a much better impression of your company as a whole, and make them far more likely to buy from you.

  1. It can impact your Google rankings

Google gives preference to websites that have been designed with responsiveness in mind, so when combined with other factors related to search engine optimization, or SEO, a responsive website could help give you a boost in the search engine results.

  1. It can optimize traffic

More than half of users worldwide access the internet on mobile devices, highlighting the importance of a website that can be viewed on smaller screens with ease. Once your businesses website has been designed responsively, you should notice an increase in visitors, and possibly an increase in sales, too.

  1. It’s more cost-effective

Designing, developing and maintaining a different website for different users on different devices, isn’t just a time consuming affair, but a costly one. Responsive design, on the other hand, gives you one perfectly performing website whatever device users happen to view it on, and eliminates not just the cost of designing multiple websites, but the cost of maintaining them, too.

  1. It’s easier to maintain

When you choose an experienced responsive web design company in Calgary, your new website will be designed in such a way that making changes to it yourself isn’t just possible, but is quick and easy, too.

Responsive web design is all about maximizing your business and promoting your brand, and when done right, it can give users a much slicker and enjoyable experience. Not only will they be far more likely to return again and again, but they will also be more likely to recommend it to others, and further increase your audience and customer base.

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