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Benefits of Online Advertising
Benefits of Online Advertising

Benefits of Online Advertising

Online advertising has grown exponentially in recent years; it creates a direct and immediate connection between companies who want to sell their products and services and people who might be interested in said products. It is, therefore, natural for online marketing to have revolutionized the way we advertise almost everything. Advertising on social media networks such as Facebook allows one to connect with millions of people at once without spending more on advertising costs than is necessary. Most of the time, online advertising is the second-most cost-effective form of advertising.

Benefits of Online Advertising

1. Exposure

The average person spends about 2 hours each day on the internet. The top six most popular websites: Facebook, YouTube, Google, Amazon, Yahoo, and eBay, all have over a billion monthly visits. If you advertise on any of these sites and target your marketing toward people who spend time on these sites, you can get access to a large audience.

2. Costs

Depending on the type of advertisement that you are selling, the costs can vary greatly. The average cost per thousand (CPM) for advertising on Google Adwords is $0.30, which rises to $1.20 for a Google Display Network ad. Still, as these run through many different websites, they are not as efficient a way of advertising as other methods such as Facebook or Twitter ads which can sell for around $0.10 per click.

3. Personalization

The best way to make one’s ads relevant to their audience is by using the information these social media sites have on their users. It can be age, gender, likes, and dislikes, but also what interests the people looking at these ads have, which can be gathered from the browsing history of the people who visited your page. The more relevant the ad is to a person’s interests and background, the more likely he will engage with it. 4. Targeting

If a person is on Facebook, he’s very likely to be interested in the product or service you have to sell, which is where targeting comes into play.

4. Retargeting

One can track what a person is searching for, and if he leaves the site without making a purchase, there is a good chance that. Jordan Sudberg will show interest in the service or product you are trying to sell. One only needs information for this type of advertising is his email address. Many companies offer various retargeting options on Facebook, which will alert you when someone has scrolled past your ad, and this way, you can keep advertising to them until they have purchased something from you.

5. Co-creation

Online advertising is a very interactive platform; on one side, the vendor is trying to sell his product, and on the other, customers are looking to buy products or services. It allows both parts of this equation to be at the same level and interact freely, which increases engagement drastically.

Jordan Sudberg suggests that online advertising is one of the best, most cost-effective ways to advertise one’s products and services. Social media websites such as Facebook allow for a much higher level of interaction between vendor and customer than an advertisement on television or radio. People can express their opinions about products and services, ask questions or share their experiences, thus creating a more incredible feeling of trust. The cost of advertising on Facebook is much lower than on television or radio, making it an excellent way to advertise one’s products.

One can advertise very effectively by using the various targeting options that Facebook offers in co-creation with retargeting while keeping costs low. It is the best possible way to advertise online.

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