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Digital CPG Advertising Trends That Have Changed CPG Industry
Digital CPG Advertising Trends That Have Changed CPG Industry

According to the latest survey, digital CPG advertising has increased online sales by 35 percent over the last few years. The percentage highlights a fast-growing segment of a slow-growth industry.  Generally, CPG giants are slow when it comes to adapting to changes in customer’s behavior. Besides this, many small customer-centric brands and numerous emerging channels carve out their share in the $3 trillion industry. 

Look at some of the key trends that have caused a shift in the CPG industry and CPG advertising trends.

Increase in Online Purchasing of CPG Products

This might sound bizarre to you, but a large percentage of consumers purchase groceries online. There is an enormous increase in the number of online buyers in the last few years.  

The main reason for this shit is that online selling models have more potential to provide better value to shoppers in terms of price, choice, and convenience. Many eCommerce retailers put their efforts to improve their strategies for CPG advertising to reach masses and target customers.

By using the current CPG advertising trends, online retailers highlight their unique features such as free delivery and 1-hour lead time through digital platforms.

 The pressure of Ecommerce Giants on Local Supermarkets

The acquisition of the Amazon of whole food has already raised a red flag for the local CPG retailers and supermarkets. The eCommerce wave deems to influence the sales of consumer goods and has put a lot of pressure on the grocery stores. Amazon Fresh, for example, offers options like click-to-buy and same-day delivery in many cities.  Coresight, in its latest research, found that 60% of internet users in the USA buy groceries and other goods from Amazon.  

This percentage will continue to rise if supermarkets do no focus on CPG marketing spend and marketing strategies. The study further suggested that local grocery stores need to speed up their initiatives for online shoppers.   

Multichannel Business Strategies in the CPG industry

Many expert marketers believe that eCommerce retailers are not the only reason that has caused a shift in the CPG industry.  According to them, multichannel advertising strategies are the larger catalyst as compared to giant retailers operating in the market. 

Many small brands, in this regard, have honed in the online in-store model. They have established partnerships with different channels.  E-commerce brands like “Honest Company” are successfully running in-stores with the partnership of major retailers. 

A Fresh Take of Small Brands

While Amazon, a giant eCommerce retailer, dominates the CPG industry, many other small brands try hard for their share in the market. Other big retailers dominate them. They sell similar products and apply the same CPG marketing and branding strategies. They take a fresher take on old products to represent themselves a worth-trying brand. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, big industry has seen a great shift in selling and buying trends. Modern consumers prefer shopping online to save time and enjoy better deals. Any brand opting for CPG advertising must incorporate digital trends to stay in the game.

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