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How Email Campaigns Can Help Your Post-Purchase Marketing
How Email Campaigns Can Help Your Post-Purchase Marketing

A purchase experience isn’t over after a payment has been finally made: ensuring your customers can enjoy decent post-purchase support is equally important for your brand reputation. An occasional visitor who has got a satisfactory shopping experience at all purchase stages is more likely to turn into a repeat customer. However, many brands forget about post-purchase marketing and how important it can be. And it’s a big loss since post-purchase marketing can directly influence your customer’s willingness to return and make another purchase. According to Shopify, it’s 10 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to entice an existing customer into making a purchase. Hence, any brand should make it a marketing priority to gently care for the existing customers.

Tasks Set for the Post-Purchase Marketing

Post-purchase marketing has three main goals: 

  • Engage the customer into communication. 
  • Notify the customer on the status of their order/delivery.
  • Inspire another purchase.

A bulk email marketing services is one of the simplest yet effective ways to achieve these goals.

Communication Engagement

The time when your customer is most interested in communication is when they await for their product delivery. It’s your best chance to engage with them. Start by thanking them for their purchase — to express your appreciation.

‘Thank You for Your Purchase’ Email

Your appreciation email should convey those brand values that made the customer buy this particular product. 

For Ecrafta, cute prints are their hallmark. So it’s only logical that their “Thank you” email features an animated image in the brand style.

Спасибо от Ecrafta

The Crate&Barrel’s customers love elegant interior design solutions. The company’s email is created to prove that customers have made the right choice. 

Спасибо от Crate&Barrel

The Customer Service phone number on the banner jumps at you right away. It’s a good way to add another communication channel. 

Review Request

Calculate the time when the customer receives their product and ask for a review. Your chances for success will increase if you offer some kind of incentive — bonuses to use on the next purchase, for example.

“Share with Friends” Request

As a motivation, Harry`s offers gifts. Not to the sharer, though, but to their friends. The recipient is asked to fill in two email addresses, and those people will receive promo codes.

Просьба поделиться с друзьями от Harry`s

“Thank you for Sharing” Email

Few things make a better advertisement than the advertisement made by your customers. Be sure to recognize this kind of loyalty.

Transactional Emails: Keep Your Customer Informed 

Bulk email newsletter follow each step of the trade, from a payment to delivery. This way, your customer won’t need to worry whether the delivery is late or their money was transferred somewhere else. And you will have higher chances to sell these customers something else when they come back.

Emails with Information on Delivery

Every stage of the purchase is a valid trigger for a campaign, and it’s a good practice to give customers a prior notice on it. Knowing about these emails beforehand, your customer would rather open and read them than sending them to a spam folder. Zulily marketplace sends such notices to all their new customers.

Подробно расписанные этапы доставки

Order Confirmation Email

Notify the customer on the order number and expected delivery time. This is also a chance to promote your mobile app if you have one.

“Your Order Is on the Way” Email

“Rejoice, in mere days, you’ll be holding the purchased item in your hands!” Follow Postable’s example and try to convey the festive mood: 

Емейл с гифкой об отправке товара

Carrier companies usually notify the customer that the delivery has shipped, so you can skip on this notification to avoid duplicates.

Campaigns to Entice New Purchases

There are multiple types of emails that have high chances to inspire customers to make another purchase. 

Post-Purchase Cross-Selling

Offer products and accessories that go well with the purchased product. For example, when a customer buys a camera, it’s sensible to offer them carrying bags and memory cards.

Reactivation Emails

If it’s been some time since a customer made a purchase — half a year or so — it means you’re losing them. To bring them back, send a reactivation campaign email with a discount or a bonus.

Реактивационный емейл


Using every post-purchase campaign with each customer is, of course, a bad idea — you’ll be overspamming them. But do experiment! Use the specifics of your business to guide your marketing, employ different channels, combine messages. A properly developed post-purchase strategy will increase the number of your loyal customers and their lifetime value.

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