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How to impress your Instagram audience as an influencer
How to impress your Instagram audience as an influencer

You are probably looking for some super secrets and new chips to be revealed that will bring us millions of subscribers. But in fact, everything remains the same as a year ago. Instagram, of course, is instantly changing, but even here, the methods of promotion do not change much. For instance, professional photo-editing software continues to play a decisive role in determining whose account takes the leading position in Instagram. We strongly recommend using Picmonkey for this purpose and you can check the Picmonkey review to decide if it suits your demands.

However, there are still some trends. These are social development trends that should be taken into account if you really want to know how to become an Instagram influencer so that everything else that does not change over the years gives the desired result.

Generating New Ideas Constantly

Instagram is changing rapidly and adding new features. All your favorite “chips” instantly become obsolete or copied by competitors. Audiences get bored quickly. If a year ago you came up with a cool topic, and a year ago it followers liked it, this does not mean that you will be able to go to this topic forever.

You need to continually be creative and think about what else you can do to surprise and attract the audience. Topics of posts, presentation of materials, headings in posts and Instagram stories, ideas of activities in your account, and ideas of promotion on the side – get ready for the fact that this is a continuous process. To make one photo session in one image and to use these photos all year long will not work – you will ask for likes, and therefore for coverage.

Useful content on Instagram

Utility always went well on Instagram. With the advent of the Saved section, this type of content has entered a renaissance. Useful posts are perfectly bookmarked, this action Instagram counts for interaction with the account and increases the reach of the post.

If you need a post with good reach, post some useful stuff! There is only one problem with helpful posts – people overeat them. Now, on Instagram, everyone is teaching everything. Users are tired of this. Therefore, try to make your useful post not dull and complicated, but easy and maybe even funny.

Engagement in posts and instagram stories

Engagement is the most important trend. Organic reach and your audience involvement depend on it. If people do not interact with your content, then they see less of your posts (and stories), which means it is more difficult for you to convey your message to the audience.

Publishing content unilaterally today is only possible if you are ready to invest in advertising seriously. If you want to get regular customers and if your advertising budget is small or there is no budget at all – work on the engagement! Communicate with the audience, respond to comments, post involving posts, and stories.

New to Instagram Stories

Instagram introduced new stickers and several more tools designed to help you make your stories more colorful and memorable. Thanks to updates, today, you can turn any moment of your life into exciting news that can be shared with subscribers.


Stickers allow you to give the story the right mood. After you take a photo or video, you will see next to the tools for entering text and drawing a new button for adding stickers. Click the emoji icon and select the stickers to tell you where you are, how much time it is, and what the weather is like. Adding a place sticker is as simple as indicating your location in the posts you share in the feed: just select or find the point you want. People looking your story will be able to touch the sticker to learn more about this place, but your story will not appear on the place page. Stickers are easy to personalize: you can move them, resize them, and choose a style that matches your mood. Discreet stickers emphasize photos or videos, while bright stickers add new colors to the story. You can pick as many stickers as you like to any part of the story.

Festive mood

Over the next few weeks, a set of 12 holiday stickers will be available to you. Also, note that a stylish new brush painting with curls is now available in drawing tools. And soon a new, New Year’s set of stickers will appear!


If you are just starting and you still cannot count on cooperation with brands, do not worry, you can create cool things with other people from Instagram. If you are engaged in creativity, then it is very easy: for example, together with another artist, you can create a picture or take a cool photo with someone who is engaged in the same thing as you. 

But all these tips on promoting Instagram and inspiring subscribers make sense only for those Instagrammers who have already taken the first fundamental steps necessary to create and fill out an account. Check out this list of tips for beginners, because you can only get started with the tips above after following these simple rules.

Checklist for a new account

Step 1. Define your concept – what this account will be about, what its benefits are, how it differs from what is already on the market, what your subscribers will receive. Try to fit the point in a few words like “Blog about landscape design.”

Step 2. Make a clear, catchy name. It should contain some key phrases for which you will be searched.

Step 3. Add a call to the description with the benefit and benefit for the audience: why you should subscribe or follow the link that is listed in the profile.

Step 4. If you do not have a website, you can put a link to the messenger, a subscription page to an email newsletter, or make a whole set of links through services like Linktree.

Step 5. Create an original, readable avatar: live photo, product display, services, sphere symbol, or your sign. Please note that it will be small enough – it is hard to see the inscriptions and signatures.

Step 6. Use Stories Highlights to create navigation: the latest collections, information about you, reviews, delivery, how to pay, customers with your products, etc.

Step 7. Make the first 9-12 posts. In the first posts, you can talk about yourself, brand, account idea. This will help not only to get subscribers in the Instagram account but also to make them supporters, future brand advocates.

Step 8. Find 5-10 competitor accounts, analyze the profiles of people who leave comments. What topics are interesting to them, what kind of people they are, what kind of queries they may have. It is enough to write a key phrase or a hashtag like “baby photographer.” You will see the top publications, pay attention to the number of comments, involvement.

Step 9. Make a content plan for the next 1-3 months, so as not to lack inspiration. Carefully think through topics, but do not hesitate to adapt them to the needs of your audience.

Step 10. Synchronize your account with other social networks, and especially Facebook. Make sure you have a phone connected, two-factor authorization, synchronization with the contact list. This will be needed for future magical activities to attract subscribers to Instagram.

Many opponents of new trends say that “Instagram is not the same.” Yes, Instagram is transforming and changing; it sets trends and copies others. Thanks to this, he took today’s position in the world of social networks and services.

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