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How to See Private Instagram Accounts
How to See Private Instagram Accounts

Instagram has become one of the most widely used social media platforms over the past few years for sharing pictures and videos. The newly added features like live videos, IGTV, a bunch of filters, and a lot more, make this medium the top pick of users especially youth, around the globe. 

When a social platform goes global, it is at a more risk of unwanted privacy breaching. Although the app encourages users to share their content, it does so while giving them the option to remain private if they so wish.  

Celebrities, influencers, bloggers, and many other people don’t keep their social lives private. The follower count on Instagram has become a benchmark of success. Nowadays people strive to gain as many followers as they can and they do this by finding ways to buy Instagram followers. There are several fake accounts on the platform offering users with the chance to buy real Instagram followers and purchase Instagram followers at discounts. Don’t fall for those. There are safer, we highly recommend on LeoBoost . Those with millions of followers are considered to be more social as people consider it easy to interact with such personalities. This often compels those with lower follower count to seek out ways to buy Instagram followers cheap. 

When a new Instagram account is created, it is set to be public by default. This means anyone can access and view your account and contact you. If you wish to keep your account private and only allow certain people to have access to it, you would need to manually put your account on private through settings. 

While public profiles are no worry to view, the private profiles are a toughie. People may want to view someone’s private profile due to different reasons. A mother might want to keep an eye on her child’s online activities, or a boss may wish to know what his employee shares on his social accounts. Whatever the reason, people are always on a lookout for either some secret tool or a straightforward method to check someone’s private Instagram profile.

In this article, we’d be listing down the simplest ways on how to see private Instagram accounts.

What’s the difference between private and public Instagram accounts?

Public Instagram Accounts

As mentioned above, any newly created account on Instagram would be visible to the public. This means the content shared on that account would be accessible to whoever comes across the profile or specifically searches the username of that account. People can not only view but also interact with the owner of that account. This is done either by leaving comments on the content shared, or by using the Direct Message option available which will take you to the inbox of the target profile. Some public accounts in need of getting more exposure often find ways to buy ig followers so as to increase their overall traction on the platform. 

Public profiles can also be accessed through third party searches. Whenever someone searches the name associated with the public profile on Google or any other search engine, the profile link of that Instagram account would appear in the search results. Clicking on that link will redirect you to the Instagram app and you will be able to view it. Images and videos shared on a public Instagram profile will also show up in Google image search results and on various other linked applications. 

Private Instagram Accounts

People who wish to share visual content but only with a certain number of people, resort to private profiles. You can do this by manually putting your profile visibility to private through the settings menu in the Instagram app. Doing this will prevent any unwanted interaction with your profile and people will not be able to contact you as easily as they could with a public account. The entire control of who can see the content shared on the profile, and who can reach out to you on messages, is in the hands of the owner of the account. Only the people who the owner wishes to keep in his/her account will have access to it. People would have to send a follow request to the account in order to see their content. Once the owner accepts the request, the follower would be able to check out the entire profile.

How to view private Instagram profiles?

Google search their username

The very first method for checking out someone’s private profile is to search their username on Google. Now first what you want to do is to note the name associated with the profile you want to view. Next, search that name on Google. Even though the profile is public, there still are high chances that there might be some digital footprints left of your target account from the time when they hadn’t turned on privacy on their account. Some tiny bits of information of their account may be available on Google images. At the very least, you may find the profile picture of their Instagram account. The profile pictures are usually easily viewable on Google. Moreover, you could find their unprotected Facebook, Twitter, or any other social account and get your hands on their information easily. 

Be bold and send a follow request

One of the most effective ways of peeping into someone’s private Instagram is to directly send a follow request to the account. There are high chances that the user will accept your request if they know you already. 

However, if your request isn’t instantly accepted, or the user has declined it, there still are a few ways through which you can get them to accept your follow request.

  • Wait for some time after you’ve sent the request. The user might not be very active on their account, or they might not check the pending requests for days. Some people do not bother checking the pending requests section and so, it could go unnoticed for some time.
  • If there have been some days and your request has still not been accepted, you may want to get in touch with the user using the direct message option. Message them via Instagram DM’s and tell them why you are interested in following their account, introduce yourself, and see if the other person shows some interest while having a conversation. Some people are strictly firm in not accepting requests from people they don’t know. So, interacting with the person first could be a good idea.
  • In case you know the user from somewhere, telling them about yourself and reminding where or when you met would be a good idea. 

Create a fake ID if you’re extra curious

If the above-mentioned methods don’t work for you, you can always create a fake profile. However, this method is truly unethical, and resorting to it could put you in trouble too. So be warned and use this option at your own risk. 

Creating a fake profile with a female persona could be of great help as there are more chances your request would be accepted. Make your profile look as real as you can by keeping a decent girly name and sharing women-oriented content. For this, you can check out the latest trends popular among the women influencers and curate your account according to that. Follow a bunch of public profiles and some trusted friends so that it doesn’t give out any fake vibe. Once the profile has been set up, send a follow request to your targeted user. 

 If the person isn’t accepting your request, land in their inbox and try interacting with them in a pleasant, casual tone. You could talk about mutual interests to develop a sense of trust after which, they might be compelled to not only accept your request but also follow you back.

Use an IG viewer tool instead

If all of the above-mentioned methods fail, you can use a third party online private Instagram account viewer. Beware that these sites aren’t 100% authentic and safe and can easily put your online surfing at risk. Normally, such sites require you to enter your credentials such as name and contact info, Instagram username, and some might even require your credit card details as their services aren’t free. Moreover, Instagram’s API has a strict policy of not allowing any third party to obtain its users’ private data. In any case, you must be cautious and think twice before giving out your info to these sites as your data might get stolen in the process.

A few sites which can be used for viewing private Instagram accounts are:





Instagram Private Profile Viewer

Final Thoughts 

Every social media platform enables users to share things from their personal lives to their desired audience. While some like sharing things publically, especially those who want to promote their personal content, others feel unsafe and prefer having a limited social circle. Instagram is no different. Those with private accounts wouldn’t want their privacy to be breached by unwanted followers leaving comments under the content they share or approaching them in DMs. 

Just like there are a plethora of websites that let you download premium versions of software, movies, TV shows, etc. for free, there are many tools that claim to let you view private Instagram accounts. However, both of these options have one thing in common; threat to your online security and risk of spyware stealing your personal information. Such crack tools demand users to give out personal information so as to proceed further and so, the moment you submit your information, you put yourself at risk. Similarly, there are several fake sites that claim to sell Instagram followers, don’t fall for those. You can buy Instagram followers cheap without compromising on your safety. 

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